Comparisons of Nvidia Quadro P5000 Vs GTX 1080 in Term of Performance and Other Aspects

For those who use the PC for heavy duties, such as gaming and editing pictures or videos, performance is very important aspect to consider. However, this aspect is not only about the processor and capacity of memory. Both for gaming and editing, graphic card play important points since it will have to deal with the jobs of rendering picture and managing graphic quality. Regarding the graphic card, competition of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 becomes one of the common comparisons to find. Of course, it is good to see some interesting points about these two graphic cards. 

Comparisons between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 

Comparing graphic cards will cover many aspects. It is not only to see the values based on the popularity. The comparison should also be comprehensive, and many aspects must be checked. In this case, these two graphic cards are quite famous, and it will be interesting to see some points of comparison between them. 

1. Performance 

In term of performance, GTX 1080 can be called more superior compared to the Quadro P5000. The first point to see is about its pixel rate. GTX 1080 provides higher pixel rate with gap up to 17.7 GPixels/second. It shows better render speed. Then, for the memory clock speed, GTX 1080 is also more superior since it provides speed up to 2500 MHz, while Quadro P5000 can only give 1127 MHz. Moreover, GTX 1080 is equipped with Double Precision Floating Point to give better accuracy in calculation. 

However, it does mean Quadro P5000 does not have good point in this aspect. In fact, this graphic card has stronger point in its floating-point performance. Moreover, the graphic card shows better score in the texture rate. 

2. Memory 

The comparison of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 in the aspect of memory shows better score for Quadro P5000. In this aspect, the graphic card provides 16 GB RAM memory, while GTX 1080 can only provide 8 GB. 

In addition, the memory capacity is more about the personal preference. Someone may be enough with 8GB memory, but other people may need to have 16GB memory due to the works they are doing. However, in general, it can be said that Quadro P5000 is better in term of its capacity.  

3. Ports

For the ports, there is no big gap between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080. In this case, each graphic card has different point offer. For the GTX 1080, it has HDMI port, so it is very useful for you who need to transfer the video and audio in high definition, while Quadro P5000 does not have this port. However, P5000 has more display port. It offers up to four ports, while GTX 1080 only has three ports. 

4. Features 

For the features, Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 do not show big differences. Even, it can be said there is no superior graphic card for this aspect. Most of the useful features can be found in both of them, such as the multi-display technology and the high resolution up to 4K. Even, both of them can process 3D graphic. That’s why there is no superiority for this part. 

Those are some points of comparison between GTX 1080 and Quadro P5000. Generally, both of them have some aspects to be proud of. However, it can be seen that GTX 1080 is better due to the aspect of performance. In term of price, it is actually quite different and GTX 1080 is priced more affordable compared to P5000. However, there are still more details that should be seen between them and these are only general overview of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080.

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