Comparisons of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 in Many Sectors of Performances

Graphic card becomes important element in the high-performance computers. This hardware is needed in the processing of graphic features, both in editing and gaming. In this case, Nvidia becomes one of famous brands in providing graphic card, and it will be interesting to know the comparison between Nvidia Titan X vs 1080. These two graphic cards are dedicated for high-end computers, so they can be the tough comparison. 

Comparison of Nvidia Titan X VS 1080 in Some Aspects 

In term of release date, GTX 1080 is considered newer. It is released a year after Titan X. However, it cannot be said the GTX 1080 is fully better than Titan X. Both of them still have some strength points, and it is going to be interesting to know the details. For the comparisons of two graphic cards, there will be some categories. 

1. Performance

In the aspect of performance, it is an interesting comparison between Nvidia Titan X vs 1080. For the GTX 1080, it has better pixel rate since it can reach 128.6 GPixel/s, while Titan X can only reach 96 GPixel/s. Then, it also gives better clockspeed and the gap between them is up to 607 MHz it is not only in term of general clockspeed, since memory speed and turbo mode of GTX 1080 are still better than Titan X. 

However, it does not mean that Titan X is completely defeated. In fact, Titan X can give good graphic performance in term of texture mapping, and the gap is up to 32 points. Then, this graphic card also has better render output units. In term of shading unit, this card is still better than GTX 1080. 

2. Memory 

For the comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 in this aspect, both of them is quite similar. GTX 1080 wins in term of effective memory clockspeed. Its gap is up to 2988 MHz Meanwhile, Titan X wins in memory bandwidth and bus width. Titan X also brings bigger capacity of RAM and the gap is up to 4 GB. 

3. Ports and features 

The next comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 is about the port and feature. For some people, these may be considered as minor points since commonly main concerns are about the sector of performance and memories. However, this part still deserves attention since it deals with the practical aspect. 

In term of port, both of them are similar. GTX 1080 and Titan X have HDMI output. Then, the two graphic cards also have support the display port outputs and DVI output. However, both of them do not have mini display port output. Although it may not seem vital, it should get consideration 

In term of features, both of the graphic cards also have similar points. Both of them already support OpenGL and Open CL Versions. These versions, especially the OpenGL, are dedicated for those who need high resolution for playing games. Then, the cards also have support multi-display technology. For the maximum resolution, both of them can manage the resolution up to 4K. 

4. Price

In term of price, it will be different story. The comparison in this aspect show big difference. Even, it can be said that price of GTX 1080 is almost half of the Titan X. This significant difference should get special attention for those who need new graphic card. 

These are some comparison of two high-end graphic cards. Both of them are manufactured by Nvidia. Although Titan X is released earlier, it does not mean GTX 1080 is the successor. In fact, both of them have different bargaining points. These will serve specific functions and purposes. With this fact, it seems the comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 may not have big gaps.

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