Exploring the Capability and Difference of NVidia Quadro M1200 Vs. GTX 1050

NVidia produces several graphic cards including, Quadro M1200 and GTX 1050. Both are for different segmentation and target consumers. The basic function is similar if you only use them for standard utilization. To know the difference of Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050, check the following explanation.

Comparing NVidia Quadro M1200 vs. GTX 1050

1. Technology

Technology is the key when comparing two graphic cards, even from the same company. At first, you know that NVidia distinguishes Quadro and GeForce from their performance. The base technology is similar because it comes from the same research and development. Quadro has full graphic support for handling much computing task. On contrary, NVidia keeps the GTX, including the 1050 version from excess computing. It does not mean GTX is in lower level than Quadro, even when you compare it to mobile version. GTX is better in term of technology that requires faster loading and processing with less computing. 


2. Performance

Performance is also important when comparing Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050. Based on official release, M1200 was older than 1050. In that case, you may see less performance for M1200 when you put them side by side. In fact, this Quadro model is on par with GTX 960. From this point, you know that M1200 relatively has lesser performance. On the other hand, 1050 is better at overall benchmarking analysis. Newer model is expected to be more reliable and better. That’s what you see on both graphic cards.


3. Gaming

GTX is specifically for gaming, including 1050. You can still enjoy the latest game even though the GPU is GTX 1050. Some manufacturers use GTX for gaming laptop which means the performance in this field is at the best level. For Quadro 1200, you do not have any issue if the game does not consume more graphic and resource. This graphic card is better for daily basis computing. It is better than integrated card which commonly processor has. 


4. Multimedia task

Next exploration for Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050 will be about multimedia task. This Quadro uses Maxwell that NVidia implements for mobile graphic card development. You can put it into workstation to handle extensive processing and computing. If you are graphic designer, Quadro is the best choice for rendering your design. In fact, Quadro is better when you need faster and better result for video editing. One issue is this version does not have full capability compared to other Quadro. You can get better performance as mobile graphic card but not as good as the one dedicated for workstation. On the other hand, GTX 1050 is also reliable enough for minor video editing as long as you do not render too much content. 


5. Crypto mining

You can test the graphic performance via crypto mining. This is unusual method but it is reliable if you are in mining activity and business. Based on performance, GTX is better for mining and the gap is significant. Quadro is alternative if you do not have enough gear for crypto mining. This graphic car is reliable, but not recommended for long period. With the same power support, GTX can do mining better and faster.


6. Price

Graphic card is not cheap, and consumers always compare to find the most valuable one. The price for M1200 is cheaper due to older product than GTX 1050. However, the price is a subject to change that means you will see 1050 is cheaper if the demand is lower. Good advice about the price for graphic card is you can decide after choosing the one that’s capable to fulfill your needs.

Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050 comparison is interesting topic because people try to find which one is better. Each has pros and cons. One is better on certain aspects, and the other is superior in term of specific capability.

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