How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi with Two Easy Ways

There are two different methods that you can try on how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi. HP is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to printer, and now it has the most advanced technology for printers. Yes, you can print using Wi-Fi, so printing anything straight from your mobile phone or PC is possible. There is no need to attach the PC to printer anymore.

Two Methods on How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Those two methods on how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi are automatic connection and manual connection. Here are two of them explained in details. Each of them works pretty well and they will make sure that you can print documents or anything that you want using the HP printer with ease. Here are those two methods for you to try.

  • Automatically Connecting to Wi-Fi

This is the first method to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. You do not need any USB printer cable on this method as it will all be done automatically. Follow these steps to establish the connection easily.

    1. Check the PC Compatibility
      Start by checking the PC or laptop’s compatibility. In order to connect the HP printer to the device, your computer should use at least Windows Vista OS (for Windows-based PC) or Leopard OS (for Mac). The computer should be connected to at least 2.4 GHz network connection and not to 5.0GHz network as this connection won’t be compatible with HP printers.
    2. Get the Printer’s Software
      You need to get the printer’s software to connect it to Wi-Fi. Find out the type of your printer, make sure it has Wi-Fi feature and then get the printer’ s software from the “Support” section on HP official website. Download the package and install it to your PC.
    3. Turn the Printer on
      The next thing to do in this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to turn the printer on. Once the printer is turned on, it will remember its current setting (for Wi-Fi) for about couple of hours. If you need to print for large batch and it takes more than two hours, stop halfway or so and repeat the connecting process.
    4. Go to “Network” Section
      Now, open the printer’s software installed on your PC. Find the option “Network” there. Click the option and select “(Ethernet/Wireless)”. The option is going to let you connect the printer to Wi-Fi. Then, click “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer”.
    5. Wait for the Connection to Finish
      You need to wait for several minutes for the connection to establish. It may take a while as the printer needs to locate the connection and then connect itself to the PC using Wi-Fi. When the connection is established, there will be “Finish” button appear on the screen. Click it to finish the setup.
    6. Start Using the Printer
      Now the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. The last step on this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to try printing something. When every step is done properly, the printer should be ready by now and you can start printing anything from now on.
  • Manually Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you like to do it all the old-fashioned way, you can try this method. You are going to need a USB printer cable to connect the printer to the PC. Read these steps carefully so that you can set up the printer and use Wi-Fi connection to print something with ease.

    1. Check the Printer’s Software and Driver
      The first thing that you need to do is checking the software and driver of the printer. Make sure that the printer’s software is installed on your PC. If they have not, get them on HP support page and then install them on the PC. Or, you can also use the installation CD from the original packaging.
    2. Turn on the Printer
      Turn on the printer by connecting it to power socket and then press the start button. When the printer is fully on, you need to figure out whether the printer has touch screen or not. Most of the HP printers with Wi-Fi feature are completed by touch screen. Activate the touch screen right now.
    3. Touch “Setup” on Touch Screen
      The next step on this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to go to the touch screen and then select “Setup” option on the touch screen. This option has the icon of a round gear. Find the option by pressing the left and right button on the touch screen.
    4. Go to “Network”
      Once you are in “Setting”, select the option “Network”. In there, you will find the option “Wireless Network Wizard”. This is the option you need to connect printer to Wi-Fi. This option has a few different names in HP printers. You may find the option under the name “Wireless Setup Wizard”. Touch this option.
    5. Select Connection
      There will be “Select Connection” option appears on the touch screen. Select this option to display all the detected Wi-Fi connection around the printer. Select the name of your Wi-Fi connection displayed on the screen. Then, you need to type in Wi-Fi password. Input the password correctly.
    6. Finish Connection
      After inputting the Wi-Fi connection password, the printer will display “Done” button. Select this option. The printer will now start establishing connection to the Wi-Fi. Wait for this process to completely done. After that, try to print something using Wi-Fi connection. If it works then the setup is done properly.

After reading those easy methods, now you do not even have to get confused anymore when you get a brand new HP printer with Wi-Fi connection feature. After setting up the printer, you can make sure that printing anything can be done straight from your gadget or PC without any requirement of attaching the device to HP printer. This is why understanding how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi is important for everyone.

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