How to Get Printer Online and 9 Important Methods to Know

In any working situation, printer is at center point. You cannot create a copy of document or (in more sophisticated model) scanning important documents. However, a printer cannot work when it is not in online state. Thus, knowing about how to get printer online is very pivotal if someone wants to work easily with this particular technology. This passage will provide the methods to activate printer, so it is in ready-to-go state. Some issues which may arise in printer usage will be introduced as well.

How to Get Printer Online in Any Condition

What to do if both computer and printer are powered on but the connectivity is said to be offline? Here are some methods to make a printing machine online, including when it experiences error.

    1. Simple printer activation
      The first thing that one can do to activate the printer is by going to the “Devices and Printers” menu (for Windows users) and “Print & Fax” menu (for Mac users). From either menu, user will be able to activate the printer and computer connection which might be offline for certain reasons. This particular method is used if there is no apparent issue with the printer or connectivity. Just by one simple click, printer and computer’s connection will be resumed.
    2. Making sure the printer is installed
      Another thing that one must check is whether the printer’s driver has been installed and whether the installation has been done properly. Without a printer driver, computer will not be able to transmit command the printer which runs on different programming language. Thus, checking whether the software has been installed is important. It can be done by applying the previous method to see whether the printer model you are about to use is listed.
    3. Checking the Ethernet cable
      Another method on how to get printer online is by checking to physical connectivity with the Ethernet cable. If the cable is not securely attached on both sides, the printer will not be able to connect properly with computer. Thus, user needs to fasten the cable on both sides. If the printer remains offline after that, it is important to check whether the cable is broken by trading with another functioning cable. Such error often occurs in printer usage.
    4. Connecting printer to Wi-Fi network
      This particular method works for issue in connectivity with printer through Wi-Fi network. One reason for the error is because computer and printer are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In this case, user needs to check Wi-Fi connection on both devices to ensure that they are included in the same network. If not, network modification must be made. Once the modification has been done, user can try to print documents again.
    5. Removing pending printing tasks
      Sometimes there are too many printing queues that the machine must handle which causes it to go offline. It can happen because of previous failed printing attempts that accumulate in the system. How to get printer online in this condition? The task can be done by simply going to the printing menu to see whether there are pending documents that need to be done. If you see the list of pending tasks, click on a menu named “Cancel all documents”. It will take time but the tasks would be removed one by one. After that, you can restart the printing machine and see whether it can work now.
    6. Taking off and reattaching printing cable
      This method is quite simple but has quite significant success rate. The idea is restarting the connection of printer and computer by tampering with the printer. It can be done by taking off and reattaching the printing cable from computer. Another simple method can be done by abruptly turning off the printer. User needs to turn off the printer’s power button until it is completely turned off. It is recommended to let printer on powered off state for several minutes to an hour before reconnecting it to the computer. At times, this simple method can solve this issue.
    7. Removing and reinstalling the printing software
      How to get printer online if the issue is caused by the inappropriate installation of printing software? It is highly recommended that user removes the printing software completely from computer system by uninstalling it. After the software has been removed completely, user can install the software back into the computer. User can utilize driver that comes with the printer for this task. However, each manufacturer also provides list of drivers for models that it produces. These drivers can be obtained for free.There is one thing that user must remember once the installation has been done. It is important to activate the automatic updating system for printing software. It ensures that bugs and other issues will be solved. The offline printer might be caused by printing software which is not updated in accordance to computer system update.
    8. Rebooting the computer
      One method on how to get printer online is by rebooting the computer. This is a rather simple way which may not work all the time but worth trying. By rebooting the computer system, user is returning the computer to its default setting. Offline connectivity between computer and printing machine might be caused by customized setup done by user to the computer. Thus, it should be the first few methods that one tries when dealing with this situation.
    9. Checking the printer
      Last but not least, user must make an effort to check the printer’s internal parts if any of those methods does not work. There might be issues with the parts such as paper jam or broken cartridge. In this case, the problem becomes rather difficult to solve on your own. Professional reparation job must be done to let the printer get back to its optimum condition.In some cases, the damage is irreparable that it would be more economical to just purchase new printer.Hopefully, this passage provides enough knowledge on how to get printer online. Most of these methods can be done alone with little to no damage at all to both of your devices.

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