HP Envy 5055 All-In-One Printer for Many Features and High Capability

Printer is useful device when you want to obtain the printed-paper from digital file. As you know, the printing mode has several options, such as black-white, greyscale, and colored. The latter is mostly for photos. Finding printer with complete features is not easy task. Moreover, printer is not just for printing, because the device can be the scanner even fax machine. If you look for the most reliable device for printing with more functionality, the answer is HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer.

Exploring HP Envy 5055 All-In-One Printer

At the first glance, this printer looks like the regular one, but you must see it closely. HP is prominent company in technology industry. Printer is one of products that still have significant market. Releasing printer with all-in-one capability is necessary to fulfill the demand. You buy not only a static printer, but it also has high capability for scanning, copying, mobile printing, and photo printing. Check the following list for exploring the features of HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer.

  1. Print photo and two-side printing
    The printer is designed for photo printing. It can deliver high quality colored result. Before printing, check the file size and resolution first. If the file is too small, this printer will enhance and enlarge it with reliable proportion. The result is still good even excellent. With this feature, the printer is suitable for home printing and photography. You do not need advanced and expensive device to deliver the best photo.Another feature related to printing is duplex or two-side mode. In old days, you should change the paper position, and did it manually when you need printed-paper with duplex result. You printed on both sides, but manual method was less efficient. Today, HP solves this issue with new HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer. You just go to the setting and choose duplex mode. It is from printing preference before you hit the print button on computer. The paper will have two pages automatically without changing the position.
  2. Copy and scan
    HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer is not just for printing. It is all-in-one device that can do copy and scan. You need to put the paper or photo at the top then hit the copy mode. The capacity is up top 50 sheets, and you can start again after the last copy is printed. In general, the copy feature is quite similar with printing. The main difference is you can take the copy from real paper, and the printing uses digital file. This device also has scan feature with flat bet technology. After the scanning is done, you can save or print it directly.
  3. Print capability
    Printing capability is the most important part to consider before buying the new printer. Based on the official information, this device can print up 10 ppm. You may get more if the file or document is in small size and low resolution. The capacity for copy and scan is quite similar, including the enhancement to upgrade the printing quality. Keep in mind this printer does not use the laser technology. You may expect normal printing mode that’s not fast for high volume duty. The maximum sheet is up to 50 before you reload it again for the next printing.
  4. Paper type
    This printer is compatible with almost any type of paper. You can use thin paper that’s common for document. On the other side, you may put the glossy paper or any similar type that’s usually used for photo printing. Just choose the borderless or border mode before the printing is started. Due to limited size, this printer only takes maximum paper size up to A4. As long as the paper can be attached on the tray, you can print it anytime.
  5. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth
    The most advanced feature on HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer is wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. You can connect the printer with wireless, hotspot, or Wi-Fi adapter. It is quite similar with your mobile phone or computer. Check the Wi-Fi icon and the button at the top of this printer. With this feature, you can integrate the printer into network printing. You can also send the file without directly plugged into the printer itself. Another benefit is the mobile printing through wireless and Bluetooth. You can print the photo from smartphone, tablet, and camera directly. With this feature, you do not need a long cable and USB port. As long as the printer is accessible, every device can do the printing easily.
  6. Driver and firmware
    HP also provides support for HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer, such as the firmware and driver. When buying this printer, you will get the driver and additional software. The driver must be installed on your computer before you use the printer. Just choose the driver based on operating system you have, such as Windows or Mac. If your system is old, just visit the official website and find the suitable driver.
  7. Compatibility
    This printer is compatible with almost all computers, especially for Windows and Mac. On the other side, you can use the smartphone, which means the printer has compatibility with most of operating systems for smartphone. The other compatibility is from the camera. HP makes sure it can connect directly through wireless or Bluetooth. You send the files from camera directly for printing.
  8. Affordable price
    You can have this device with affordable price. HP produces this printer for consumers and home usability. For small business, this printer has practical function when you require high resolution printing immediately. The price is worth, and you will get the excellent printer with many features.
  9. Support and warranty
    As usual, you will receive the support, such as the update and spare part. Read the manual book and see the ink section. This printer will work perfectly if you use the genuine ink from HP. You can buy the ink in nearby store. HP also provides the subscription for ink supply. This is interesting offer if you use much ink per month.From the explanation above, you see what this printer can do. All-in-one printer is versatile device for any situation. You may just take a photo and want to keep it in printed mode. This printer will handle your need. Moreover, you can also print an essay or homework immediately. The regular printing with excellent result is what this printer can do. In addition, you may also have document at hand and need to make the copy. In this case, HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer also provides the copy feature. Those are what you get when buying and having this printer.

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