NVidia DGX-2 Price and the Cost Effectiveness Review

NVidia develops GPU that’s capable to handle supercomputer and high-volume workstation. This kind of GPU is integrated into Xeon processor to create what called as NVidia DGX. First model was introduced several years ago that became the game changer in corporate and company level technology. New model is release, and NVidia DGX-2 price is definitely worth your money.

NVidia DGX-2 Price and Value of Money

Spending money on GPU and server seems to be interesting investment. In general, you can use server, and the rest of hardware is only for regular work. The database management, cloud computing, and the advanced information system rely mostly on the server with high capability processor. On the other hand, those technologies only use small portion of GPU, which means the works do not consume much graphical tasks. 

The situation is different when Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer start entering the market. Database and server management are no longer repetitive works. On contrary, technology puts much tasks and processing on the graphic. This is when NVidia develops server and workstation for handing the graphic task, including over workload. For your information, NVidia DGX-2 is dedicated for corporate level clients. Unless you have money, NVidia DGX-2 price is very expensive for personal users.

1. Physical product

Before discussing more about the price, you should know few things related to this product. Keep in mind what you get is server or workstation. The product has processor, NVidia GPU, storage, and some racks. When buying this one, it is like having big server in your home. However, workstation is relatively smaller if you compare with big server in companies. The product is packed as single workstation containing several parts. That’s what you get when purchasing NVidia DGX-2.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer

The term supercomputer has been around since internet inception. In that time, people tried to build the best and highest computer with advanced capability. The result is computer that’s most people see as server. It can do processing at high speed, but the hardware is specific designed. Moreover, this kind of computer is not something you have at home. The organization, labs, university, company, government, bank, and big entities are the owners of supercomputer

This is when NVidia sees opportunity to develop GPU for server. In general, NVidia already does such thing, but only for small-scale workstation. Moreover, GPU still has works as similar to regular one. NVidia tries different approach and introduce workstation for AI. As you know, AI becomes hot topic because almost many things can be done. AI puts too much distress on regular computer, especially graphic. Today, technology is not just about server and database. The company needs something that handles graphical aspect ultimately. Therefore, NVidia DGX-2 comes into the right place.

3. Price and cost effectiveness

People want to know about NVidia DGX-2 price. Based on reliable information, estimated price is approximately $400,000. That number is definitely not for personal users, unless you have significant purpose why buying this product. You can create your own server and workstation with just fund. However, NVidia offers something that people will not get without NVidia DGX-2.

Several companies buy this product for certain purpose that will be expected to gain more profits in the future. You have company that develops machine learning. For quick processing and graphical support, you need the best server and most reliable workstation. Instead of developing on your own, NVidia DGX-2 is the right answer. You can calculate between investing for this product and benefits you have. 

From explanation above, you know why NVidia DGX-2 price is at such range. This is not regular computer with some GPUs from NVidia in single package. This product is the task that only supercomputer can do.

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