NVidia GeForce 940M Price and Performance

NVidia produces graphic card for several devices, such as computer, workstation, and laptop. You may recognize GeForce as one of the top series in NVidia lineup. This series consists of several products that have dominated in laptop and gaming industry. One of them is NVidia GeForce 940M for mid-level gaming laptop. NVidia GeForce 940M price is relatively affordable compared to the previous ones.

Exploring NVidia GeForce 940M Price

Discussing NVidia GeForce 940M price should consider few factors. As you can see, this product has M label, which means the GPU is for mobile computing. You only find NVidia GeForce M series on several laptops. The laptop principals use this GPU due to high durability, better performance, and less cost.

The price has significant factor when buying new laptop. This device changes the way people do computing. The laptop replaces personal computer or usually called desktop computer. You can bring it anywhere, and the device is still reliable for several tasks. To boost the capability, NVidia developed GPU that could fit the laptop architecture. The basis technology was from standalone model that’s sold for personal computer. NVidia only reduces the design and size then adjust the capability. The result is M series for laptop.

Most people use laptop for several purposes and tasks. NVidia must find market that requires excellent graphic card. In general, onboard GPU is already available as a part of processor. On the other hand, NVidia provide GPU that’s not part of processor itself. The market for such product is niche, but potential to expand. For that situation, NVidia enters gaming and high-performance laptop.

1. Price

NVidia GeForce 940M price is approximately between $600 and $700. For your information, the first release was in 2015 for mid-level laptop for gaming. The price is fluctuated, depending on the demand and needs. You realize that this GPU is a part of laptop. You may not find standalone model for this one on the market, except the product is for personal computer. The price for this GPU is calculated after checking the latest laptop price. The number might be higher or lower that’s very difficult for determining the exact price. 

2. Performance

For performance, this GPU is better than previous model in term of capability and graphical processing. Based on a reliable testing, NVidia GeForce 940M will deliver four times faster. It makes the laptop work better and more reliable. You need at least 3GB for memory if using this GPU. 

3. Gaming

NVidia develops this product specifically for mid-level gaming. You can play several games and adjust the graphic setting as high as possible. The display will handle up to 1080p resolution for gaming. If you set less than that number, the laptop can work faster, but the graphic is not quite good. On contrary, some games require higher graphic level than 1080p. In that case, you should adjust to in the recommended level. Most games will be compatible with this GPU. Therefore, you have many options for playing any game. 

4. Durability

Even though this GPU is old, you still see excellent performance. NVidia makes sure NVidia GeForce 940M can last longer. If you use the laptop for minor task and gaming, there is no need for new one. Moreover, laptop with this GPU is also more reliable for heavy tasks, such as graphic design. However, you should keep the tasks and projects as low as possible because GeForce 940M is not for rendering the complex file.

From the explanation above, you see why many people still have interest in buying NVidia GeForce 940M. This is not the entry level GPU, but mid–level that’s ready to be at the top list. Until now, you will not see much issue when playing popular games on the laptop. Moreover, NVidia GeForce 940M price becomes more affordable as the time goes by.

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