Nvidia Geforce 940MX Vs GTX 1050 and Some Important Aspects to Compare

Graphic card becomes important aspects for those who need high performance of PC or laptop. Of course, great processor and high memory capacity is not enough. These activities need high quality of graphic processing, and it is provided by graphic cards. In this case, there are many products and series of graphic cards. In this case, Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be nice comparisons since these two cards are also quite popular on those who need high performance and graphic quality. 

Some Comparison of Nvidia Geforce 940mx Vs GTX 1050 

Both GTX 1050 and GeForce 940MX are quite popular. In term of class, these two can be categorized as low-mid class, and it can be seen from the basic specifications of both of them and the price. By having the comparisons, people who need affordable yet sufficient graphic cards can gain some useful insights. In making the comparisons, the points are divided into some aspects. 

1. Aspect of performance 

The first aspect to discuss about the Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 is their performance. This also becomes the main concern when people looking for the product. In general, it can be said that GTX 1050 has better performance compared to its competitor. In most of aspects, this card shows better scores. For example, this graphic card has better pixel rate and there gap up to 36.43GPixels/second.

Then, for its clockspeed, GTX 1050 is also better than GeForce 940MX. GTX 1050 can provide 1392 MHz, while its competitor has clock speed up to 1122 MHz When the GPU turbo is activated, GTX 1050 still shows its superiority with speed up to 1518 MHz, while the competitor can only reach 1242 MHz At least, these scores show the clear difference between both of them. 

2. Memory capacity 

In term of memory, the comparison of Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 still shows the superiority of GTX 1050. This graphic card can have better maximum rate in reading and storing the information into memory. Its bandwidth is up to 112.1GB/s, while the competitor can only score 16.02 GB/s. it is also supported by better memory bus width since the first one has 128 bit, while the competitor has 64bit. Even, RAM of GTX 1050 is still 2 GB more compared to GeForce 940MX. 

3. Output port

Since it is about graphic cards, availability of output pot is necessary. For Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050, both of them do not support multi-display technology. However, GTX 1050 already supports the HDMI port, while this does not exist in GeForce 940MX. 

4. Features

In term of feature, both graphic cards show some similarities. For the gaming functions, these two graphic cards have same capabilities in providing the DirectX and also OpenGL version, so there is no problem in term of software compatibility. Then, for editing in general, both of them has good similar score for the OpenCL version. 

Based on these four aspects of comparisons, it is already clear that GTX 1050 is better in most of the aspects. Rendering speed, memory reading, and other aspects of this card is more superior. However, it does not mean GeForce 940MX is bad. Both of them are produced by Nvidia, and each of them has different sector. It can be seen from GeForce 940 MX that has better TDP, and it is more than twice of the one owned by its competitor. This will make 940 MX consume less power. Of course, these kinds of information regarding Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be useful insights for you who look for new graphic card. 

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