NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price, Feature and Other Things You Need to Know

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price is something that probably many people out there want to know. This graphic card might be one of the most famous products from NVIDIA. It has been around for a while (since 2013) and has been used by numerous people to power their PC or laptop. By using this particular graphic card, playing HD games won’t be any problem at all.

Information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price and More

For those who are looking for the full information about graphic card, particularly about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, the detail about it can be seen down below. Read the full features and information related to NVIDIA graphic card right now and understands its amazing features first. Everything can be read over here.

1. Graphic Processor

The most essential part of a graphic card is, of course, its graphic processor. So, beside the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price information, you also have to know the graphic processor of this GT 750M graphic card. This graphic has GK107 CPU with Kepler architecture and 28 nm process size. They can bring about 1,270 million transistors. They are more than enough to help playing games smoothly.

2. Memory and Clock Speeds

The basic information about the memory of this graphic card is that it has 2GB of memory size. It is considered small these days. However, it is completed by its 128 bit memory bus so it is not that bad. The type of this memory used in the graphic card is GDDR5. It is not so old-fashioned as some of the newer graphic cards these days are using GDDR5, too.

It has the bandwidth of 64.19 GB per second. Back in 2013, this was incredibly exceptional. The clockspeed is about 941 MHz (normal performance). However, it can be boosted up to 967 MHz. The memory clock of this graphic car is around 1003 MHz. Seen from that, there is no doubt that this graphic card can enhance the gaming experience.

3. Graphic Features

When you get the information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, you probably think that the price is quite expensive for graphic card. However, it will be all worth it. Why so? It is because the graphic card has the ability to deliver amazing gaming experience, thanks to its exceptional graphics features. The graphic feature of this graphic card is 12.0 on its DirectX and it has OpenGL of 4.6. It, of course, supports Vulkan (1.1.126) and CUDA (3.0) as well.

4. Overall Performance

The overall performance of this graphic card is quite great. It can deliver 7.736 GPixel/s pixel rate and 30.94 GTexel/s texture rate. So, establishing sophisticated 3D effect for the HD games is surely doable. This is why a lot of gamers are ended up buying this graphic card. Even though it has been released years ago, it has features that are still exceptional to this day.

5. The Price

So, how much is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price? Today, the average price of the graphic card is around $210 to $300. The price is, as stated before, a bit higher. However, you can see from the information above that the graphic card has numerous features to make sure that the gaming experience in the PC will get even better.

By using the right graphic card, playing games in computers or laptop won’t be a problem. This is why using the graphic products of NVIDIA is highly recommended. This brand has numerous types of graphic cards and GeForce GT 750M is one of its best. Read the information about it, including about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price above first before buying one.

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