Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price and Interesting Features

Graphic processing unit (GPU) plays a major role in any device. It speeds up image processing which
later will show at the device’s display. There are many models circulating within the industry these days.
All of them carry certain specs. This passage will walk you through an MX150 model. Interesting aspects
and value for Nvidia GeForce MX150 price are going to be explained in the following part.
Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price, Features, and Comparisons

1. Specifications
This GPU was first introduced to public in the second quarter of 2017. It is built upon Pascal architecture
which is known to deliver more significant performance. The frequency range is relatively high which is
from 1469MHz to 1532MHz. It utilizes CUDA 384 as the core. This model is known to be the improved
alternative of MX950 model. It works in 64-bit memory bus interface.
The memory equipped in the model is GDDR5 which has maximum capacity of 2GB. The frequency of
memory for this GPU is measured at 1502MHz, while its bandwidth speed is 48.1GB per second. It
supports various technologies such as CUDA 6.1, HDMI 2.0, and DirectX 12_1. Based on specs and
Nvidia GeForce MX150 price it is a medium tier GPU model.

2. Power efficiency
The model consumes 25W energy for its standard operation. Although it is considered quite ordinary,
especially if compared to higher class GPU models out there. Nonetheless, its power efficiency is still
better seeing the predecessor model runs on 40W power consumption. The MX150 does not drain
energy as fast.

3. Variants
There are two variants offered to consumers, the first one is named N17S-G1-A1 which is the standard
version. The second variant is coded as N17S-LG-A1. This variant is intended to be more energy efficient
than the standard one. It has lower frequency range and can save about 32% to 60% energy. The
drawback is that it works slower than standard version. Nvidia created the second variant in smaller form
for thin laptops.

4. Product Examples
Since Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is at mid-tier level, it is expected that the GPU will be found in similar
product range. It can be found in Aspire A5 and Aspire 5 from Acer. There are other laptop products
which utilize this chip as graphic processor too. As you may notice, the laptop where this GPU is found
tends to be a laptop meant for standard usage. It works perfectly well in tasks which only require medium
level graphics. Most students and regular office worker will find the graphic performance to be sufficient.

5. Performance in gaming
How about its performance when it comes to gaming? There were several tests conducted to examine
MX150 contribution in game's graphics. The results are as expected. Mostly, this GPU can only deliver
medium level graphics. It is for less demanding game. For more graphic heavy games, this GPU falls
short against later released chips. It is only able to deliver lower graphic quality in those games. Such
pixelated display is definitely taking away the gaming experience.
Certainly, this GPU has its plus and minus points. It is small enough and designed to fit even a thin
notebook. Compared to its preceding model, the energy efficiency is a lot better. It is capable of
performing standard graphic tasks, although the GPU falls short when it comes to gaming usage.

It might be fairer to compare this GPU chip with other chips which are equipped with similar level of
specs. The performance difference is not glaring. However, the Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is noticeably
lower than its competitor. It might be an economical choice to use this graphic processor in laptop
intended for standard usage.

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