Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060: the Two Different Graphic Chips

To some people, there might not be too many glaring differences when asked about Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060. However, those who are familiar with these graphic chips would say the two cannot be more different. What are the characteristic differences between the two graphic chips? The following part would be able to answer that.

Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060: The Glaring Differences

Here are some major differences between the two chips.

1. The architecture

Both graphic chips utilize Pascal architecture. This GPU architecture is developed by Nvidia and becomes its pride. Performance provided by the architectural chassis is considered to be superior. The 1060 series has more recent design if compared to 150. Thus, it can be expected that the two would deliver different aspects of performance. As the later release, 1060 would carry improvements from the entry level 150.

2. Features provided

From features perspective the difference between Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 is very palpable. Features offered at 150 include Vulkan and Multi Monitor. Vulkan is a feature that found to be helpful during website development process. Multi Monitor is also a feature that developer would find helpful because it enables them to work more efficiently particularly during coding.

The newer 1060 is also equipped with Vulkan and Multi Monitor features. However, it has nice additions in the forms of G-Sync, VR Ready, and Multi-Projection. The G-Sync is desirable feature for avid gamer. It ensures that gaming activity would be smooth sailing and the graphic looking sharper. Meanwhile the VR-Read is going to support virtual reality programs in the computer should user need it.

3. Performance

From performance perspective, 1060 is notably more capable of bringing in solid performance if compared to 150. It does not mean that computer with MX150 will not be able to perform well. Its graphic quality is better than its predecessor. User is still able to to play games conveniently with their laptop albeit with smaller scale resolution. Meanwhile, the GTX1060 provides better performance as it is intended for higher end laptops. Although it may not help gamer when trying to play game in Full HD resolution, the graphic quality is still amazing.

4. Power consumption and efficiency

When discussing about Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 in terms of power consumption, buyers’ opinions become divided. As expected, the lower tier 150 would consume less power than the 1060. MX150 power consumption ranges from 23 to 40 watts while the GTX1060 can reach up to 80 watts. There is a solid reason underlying this massive difference, which is the fact that MX150 is smaller and thus will not require much power to run.

5. Variants

The manufacturer releases different variants for each chip series, based on the laptop size where it is going to be applied to. The first variant of MX150 is for regular laptop while the other (which is more power efficient) is utilized for compact size laptop. The GTX1060 also has variant for regular desktop computer and another dedicated for mobile screen. Understandably, variants that are designed for lower tier laptops would show less performance quality than the conventional one.

6. Laptop products

Comparing the lists of laptop products which utilize the 150 and 1060 chips, you will see that GTX1060 has more. It is utilized in several more series perhaps due to wider range of functions and variants. However, it does not necessarily mean that MX150 is the worse chip model. 

Hopefully the comparison of Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 helps you getting to know these two chips better. They are not in any way similar as each chip offers different thing. Each graphic chip is designed to cater specific market.

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