Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060: Which One is Better?

Deciding between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 is not a simple task. Both graphic processing chips fall under the category of affordable chips. However, the two have distinguishable characteristics that make them suitable for certain people but not others. Anybody who needs help before making decision between the two should pay close attention to this passage. The two graphic chips would be compared based on several criteria.

Comparison between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060

It would be fair to compare Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 not only for laptop application, but also mobile. The following points highlight the differences on the chips use in laptops.

1. Clock speed difference

The GTX1060 has up to 25% higher clock speed rate if compared to the MX150. The memory clock speed is also higher by 35%. This means that from graphic process perspective, there will be less lagging when using computer or laptop utilizing GTX1060. It is especially apparent when user needs to process higher quality graphics. The MX150 may need time to load graphic in its maximum resolution.

2. Graphic quality

From graphic quality point of view, the two are not that different. Although GTX1060 is capable of showing sharper graphic than the other, its maximum resolution is not that different, which is high definition level or 1280 x 720 pixels. The reason for sharper graphic is because GTX1060 has slightly higher pixel rate. It is advised against going higher than that because the chips will not be able to handle it.

3. Power and performance based on power

In the battle between the two graphic processing chips, MX150 still holds champion title when it comes to power. It does not consume too much power when running, thus, user will not find their battery draining out quicker even when playing game or doing other heavy graphic task. The performance based on power for MX150 is also more superior to GTX1060. However, the difference between these two chips is not that massive.

4. Computation 

When it comes to computing, the GTX1060 still holds the candle. The function is especially palpable when user utilizes the laptop to perform facial recognition and creating video. User may find that MX150 will experience some lagging during the process. While GTX1060 may also experience similar issue from time to time, the rate is significantly lower than the other.

In the following points comparison between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 in context of mobile application is made.

1. Quality of graphics

For the mobile version, it seems like more users rate GTX1060 as the better graphic chip than MX150. It is because the pixel rate it can handle is higher. Thus, user will have clearer graphic when using smartphone with the 1060 chip. It may affect the color contrast and its presentation too. Both chips may show different display if being compared side by side because of this difference.

2. Gaming activities

Mobile gaming is also something that people love to do these days. The GTX1060 is rated to offer better experience during gaming by users. It seems that this graphic processing chip shows less lagging when it comes to gaming in comparison to MX150. During gaming, the slow process of loading the graphic may reduce the gaming enjoyment significantly.

3. Power and noise

In the realm of power and noise, though, the MX150 shows superiority. It does not consume your battery at fast rate which means it preserves battery longevity. The noise it emits is also less distracting than the other chip, even if in mobile application the noise is not that much.

It is not easy to decide between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060. The reason is that some people may place performance above other characteristics while some other people may think that power and price are everything.

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