NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 Comparison and Review

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 are the comparison that a lot of people are looking for these days. Those are the graphic cards that everyone needs to make sure their computers or PC will be able to perform smoothly, especially when it is used to play HD games. For you who plan to get a new graphic card for PC, read more about P1000 and P2000 from NVIDIA down below.

Choosing between NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Vs P2000

Choosing between the two is not something quite easy as both of them are exceptionally great in the term of performance. However, if you really have to choose one, you are going to need the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison. There are several comparisons between these NVIDIA graphic cards down below. Read them well before getting the suitable one.

1. Features at Glance

Let us start the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison by taking a brief look at its features. In this case, there are three aspects to compare: GPU memory, memory interface and memory bandwidth. The overall performance of a graphic card can be seen from those three aspects alone. 

For GPU memory, P1000 has 4GB GDDRS and P2000 has 5GB GDDRS. The memory interface of P1000 is 128-bit and for P2000 it is 160-bit. As for memory band, P1000 is up to 82 GB per second and P2000 is up to 140 GB per second. From the comparisons, it is clear that P2000 is slightly more advanced and stronger in performance compared to P1000.

2. Display Resolution

Playing HD games means that you have to use dependable graphic card that can deliver smooth 3D effects on the game. The graphic card has to be completed by higher pixel rate. P2000 by far has higher pixel rate compared to its predecessor P1000. P2000 thus has better ability to allow the GPU in generating more pixels for higher display resolution while playing games.

3. Games Visual Appearance

People get the best graphic card in a bid to get better experience in playing HD games. Surely, the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison is going to tell you that both of them are great to bring exceptional games visual appearance. However, the better the texture fill rate, the smoother gaming experience the user will get. Since P2000 runs in higher frequency compared to P1000, it can deliver higher texture rate for sure. Using P2000 can bring you more vivid, more sophisticated effects while playing games, including the 3D games.

4. Maximum Power

Another feature that people like to compare when choosing graphic card is its maximum power. The lower the power consumption, the better it would be. In this area, P1000 has the advantage as it only needs 47 watt to operate. As for the P2000, it is a little bit higher at 75 watt. It clearly needs more watts to perform and operate.


5. Conclusion

Overall, from the term of performance, P2000 is still better than P1000. It is understandable as P2000 is indeed the refined version of its predecessor P1000. The price is also a little bit higher than the previous version. However, if you need a reliable graphic card that won’t let you down, P2000 remains the winner here.

From the comparison above, it is clear that even though both of them are amazing and excellent in performances, one is still better than the other. Considering using the right graphic card will be useful for computers, you will have to decide it really wisely. If your options revolve around those NVIDIA Quadro products, read the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparisons up there first.

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