NVIDIA Tesla P40 Price: A Breakdown of Justifications to See If It’s Worth the Cost

NVIDIA Tesla P40 is the graphic card that was released back in mid of 2016. It targets the market of professional enthusiasts. The main purpose of this graphic card built is to present the high and optimal result from the system for deep learning transmission. NVIDIA Tesla P40 price set at US $5699 on its initial launch. It is equipped with INT8 operations on each GPU and inference performance of 47 Tera-Operations per second (TOPS), making it able to deliver performance that’s equivalent with more than 140 CPU servers. Its GPU accelerators are backed by powerful software tool to increase the efficacy. In case you need to justify the price, here are the breakdowns of the Tesla 40’s specifications.

Ultimate Guides to NVIDIA Tesla P40 Price, Specifications, and Features

1. Graphic processor 

The code name of Tesla P40 given by its manufacturer NVIDIA, is GP102. The GPU used microarchitecture Pascal, that’s primarily used in series of Geforce 10. The size of its process node is about 16nm. The die size is 471 mm², packed about 11,800 transistors.

2. Graphic card

As the name implies, this GPU is belong to the Tesla generation with Pxx code. It is launched back in September 13th, 2016 and its production is still going on until today. Even though it is launched at US $5699, NVIDIA Tesla P40 price has been rocketing to US $8000 to US $9000 cost range nowadays. 

3. Clock speed

Clock speed, whether in CPU or GPU is used to indicate how fast its graphics processing unit cores. These cores are meant to render the graphics, so the higher the clock speed is, the faster it could do the processing. The numbers of Tesla 40 clock speed for the base, boost, and memory clock are 1303 MHz, 1531 MHz, and 1251 MHz respectively.

4. Memory

Tesla P40 is packed with a whole 24 GB memory size which is 3 to 4 times higher than the average GPUs’ memory size, in the type of GDDR5X and 344 bit of memory bus. It has bandwidth speed of 480.4 GB/s. These specifications may explain more about why the NVIDIA Tesla P40 price is so much higher than the other GPU units.

5. Board design

Tesla 40 graphics processing unit is created with dual slot width, with the length about 10.5 inches or 267 mm. It is recommended to have power supplies in more than 600W to support your GPU-based device. It has one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connectors, and no outputs.

6. Render configuration

As the rendering ability of GPU technology is kind of getting so much attention in these modern days, it is important to choose one with good render configurations. With how much the NVIDIA Tesla P40 price costs, the shading units and texture mapping units numbers come conveniently at 3840 and 240. Meanwhile, the render operating units stand at 96.

7. Graphic features

The APIs component of Tesla 40 is already using Direct 12.0 or 12.1 to allows you run different multimedia or gaming programs smoothly and provides less latency and higher fps (frames per second) for any program purpose.

With how rapid the technology is getting improved to increase the accuracy and complexity, GPU is slowly taking over CPU which has lower performance to deliver interactive experience for the computer users. The NVIDIA Tesla P40 price might seem ridiculously expensive at first. However, considering it could deliver about 30 times less latency to provide real-time responsiveness compared to even the most complex CPU models, it makes sense for a lot of people. This revolutionary unit matches so well in the era of intelligent machine to enable excellent user experience.

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