Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price and Interesting Features

Graphic processing unit (GPU) plays a major role in any device. It speeds up image processing which
later will show at the device’s display. There are many models circulating within the industry these days.
All of them carry certain specs. This passage will walk you through an MX150 model. Interesting aspects
and value for Nvidia GeForce MX150 price are going to be explained in the following part.
Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price, Features, and Comparisons

1. Specifications
This GPU was first introduced to public in the second quarter of 2017. It is built upon Pascal architecture
which is known to deliver more significant performance. The frequency range is relatively high which is
from 1469MHz to 1532MHz. It utilizes CUDA 384 as the core. This model is known to be the improved
alternative of MX950 model. It works in 64-bit memory bus interface.
The memory equipped in the model is GDDR5 which has maximum capacity of 2GB. The frequency of
memory for this GPU is measured at 1502MHz, while its bandwidth speed is 48.1GB per second. It
supports various technologies such as CUDA 6.1, HDMI 2.0, and DirectX 12_1. Based on specs and
Nvidia GeForce MX150 price it is a medium tier GPU model.

2. Power efficiency
The model consumes 25W energy for its standard operation. Although it is considered quite ordinary,
especially if compared to higher class GPU models out there. Nonetheless, its power efficiency is still
better seeing the predecessor model runs on 40W power consumption. The MX150 does not drain
energy as fast.

3. Variants
There are two variants offered to consumers, the first one is named N17S-G1-A1 which is the standard
version. The second variant is coded as N17S-LG-A1. This variant is intended to be more energy efficient
than the standard one. It has lower frequency range and can save about 32% to 60% energy. The
drawback is that it works slower than standard version. Nvidia created the second variant in smaller form
for thin laptops.

4. Product Examples
Since Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is at mid-tier level, it is expected that the GPU will be found in similar
product range. It can be found in Aspire A5 and Aspire 5 from Acer. There are other laptop products
which utilize this chip as graphic processor too. As you may notice, the laptop where this GPU is found
tends to be a laptop meant for standard usage. It works perfectly well in tasks which only require medium
level graphics. Most students and regular office worker will find the graphic performance to be sufficient.

5. Performance in gaming
How about its performance when it comes to gaming? There were several tests conducted to examine
MX150 contribution in game's graphics. The results are as expected. Mostly, this GPU can only deliver
medium level graphics. It is for less demanding game. For more graphic heavy games, this GPU falls
short against later released chips. It is only able to deliver lower graphic quality in those games. Such
pixelated display is definitely taking away the gaming experience.
Certainly, this GPU has its plus and minus points. It is small enough and designed to fit even a thin
notebook. Compared to its preceding model, the energy efficiency is a lot better. It is capable of
performing standard graphic tasks, although the GPU falls short when it comes to gaming usage.

It might be fairer to compare this GPU chip with other chips which are equipped with similar level of
specs. The performance difference is not glaring. However, the Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is noticeably
lower than its competitor. It might be an economical choice to use this graphic processor in laptop
intended for standard usage.

NVidia GeForce 940M Price and Performance

NVidia produces graphic card for several devices, such as computer, workstation, and laptop. You may recognize GeForce as one of the top series in NVidia lineup. This series consists of several products that have dominated in laptop and gaming industry. One of them is NVidia GeForce 940M for mid-level gaming laptop. NVidia GeForce 940M price is relatively affordable compared to the previous ones.

Exploring NVidia GeForce 940M Price

Discussing NVidia GeForce 940M price should consider few factors. As you can see, this product has M label, which means the GPU is for mobile computing. You only find NVidia GeForce M series on several laptops. The laptop principals use this GPU due to high durability, better performance, and less cost.

The price has significant factor when buying new laptop. This device changes the way people do computing. The laptop replaces personal computer or usually called desktop computer. You can bring it anywhere, and the device is still reliable for several tasks. To boost the capability, NVidia developed GPU that could fit the laptop architecture. The basis technology was from standalone model that’s sold for personal computer. NVidia only reduces the design and size then adjust the capability. The result is M series for laptop.

Most people use laptop for several purposes and tasks. NVidia must find market that requires excellent graphic card. In general, onboard GPU is already available as a part of processor. On the other hand, NVidia provide GPU that’s not part of processor itself. The market for such product is niche, but potential to expand. For that situation, NVidia enters gaming and high-performance laptop.

1. Price

NVidia GeForce 940M price is approximately between $600 and $700. For your information, the first release was in 2015 for mid-level laptop for gaming. The price is fluctuated, depending on the demand and needs. You realize that this GPU is a part of laptop. You may not find standalone model for this one on the market, except the product is for personal computer. The price for this GPU is calculated after checking the latest laptop price. The number might be higher or lower that’s very difficult for determining the exact price. 

2. Performance

For performance, this GPU is better than previous model in term of capability and graphical processing. Based on a reliable testing, NVidia GeForce 940M will deliver four times faster. It makes the laptop work better and more reliable. You need at least 3GB for memory if using this GPU. 

3. Gaming

NVidia develops this product specifically for mid-level gaming. You can play several games and adjust the graphic setting as high as possible. The display will handle up to 1080p resolution for gaming. If you set less than that number, the laptop can work faster, but the graphic is not quite good. On contrary, some games require higher graphic level than 1080p. In that case, you should adjust to in the recommended level. Most games will be compatible with this GPU. Therefore, you have many options for playing any game. 

4. Durability

Even though this GPU is old, you still see excellent performance. NVidia makes sure NVidia GeForce 940M can last longer. If you use the laptop for minor task and gaming, there is no need for new one. Moreover, laptop with this GPU is also more reliable for heavy tasks, such as graphic design. However, you should keep the tasks and projects as low as possible because GeForce 940M is not for rendering the complex file.

From the explanation above, you see why many people still have interest in buying NVidia GeForce 940M. This is not the entry level GPU, but mid–level that’s ready to be at the top list. Until now, you will not see much issue when playing popular games on the laptop. Moreover, NVidia GeForce 940M price becomes more affordable as the time goes by.

NVidia DGX-2 Price and the Cost Effectiveness Review

NVidia develops GPU that’s capable to handle supercomputer and high-volume workstation. This kind of GPU is integrated into Xeon processor to create what called as NVidia DGX. First model was introduced several years ago that became the game changer in corporate and company level technology. New model is release, and NVidia DGX-2 price is definitely worth your money.

NVidia DGX-2 Price and Value of Money

Spending money on GPU and server seems to be interesting investment. In general, you can use server, and the rest of hardware is only for regular work. The database management, cloud computing, and the advanced information system rely mostly on the server with high capability processor. On the other hand, those technologies only use small portion of GPU, which means the works do not consume much graphical tasks. 

The situation is different when Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer start entering the market. Database and server management are no longer repetitive works. On contrary, technology puts much tasks and processing on the graphic. This is when NVidia develops server and workstation for handing the graphic task, including over workload. For your information, NVidia DGX-2 is dedicated for corporate level clients. Unless you have money, NVidia DGX-2 price is very expensive for personal users.

1. Physical product

Before discussing more about the price, you should know few things related to this product. Keep in mind what you get is server or workstation. The product has processor, NVidia GPU, storage, and some racks. When buying this one, it is like having big server in your home. However, workstation is relatively smaller if you compare with big server in companies. The product is packed as single workstation containing several parts. That’s what you get when purchasing NVidia DGX-2.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Supercomputer

The term supercomputer has been around since internet inception. In that time, people tried to build the best and highest computer with advanced capability. The result is computer that’s most people see as server. It can do processing at high speed, but the hardware is specific designed. Moreover, this kind of computer is not something you have at home. The organization, labs, university, company, government, bank, and big entities are the owners of supercomputer

This is when NVidia sees opportunity to develop GPU for server. In general, NVidia already does such thing, but only for small-scale workstation. Moreover, GPU still has works as similar to regular one. NVidia tries different approach and introduce workstation for AI. As you know, AI becomes hot topic because almost many things can be done. AI puts too much distress on regular computer, especially graphic. Today, technology is not just about server and database. The company needs something that handles graphical aspect ultimately. Therefore, NVidia DGX-2 comes into the right place.

3. Price and cost effectiveness

People want to know about NVidia DGX-2 price. Based on reliable information, estimated price is approximately $400,000. That number is definitely not for personal users, unless you have significant purpose why buying this product. You can create your own server and workstation with just fund. However, NVidia offers something that people will not get without NVidia DGX-2.

Several companies buy this product for certain purpose that will be expected to gain more profits in the future. You have company that develops machine learning. For quick processing and graphical support, you need the best server and most reliable workstation. Instead of developing on your own, NVidia DGX-2 is the right answer. You can calculate between investing for this product and benefits you have. 

From explanation above, you know why NVidia DGX-2 price is at such range. This is not regular computer with some GPUs from NVidia in single package. This product is the task that only supercomputer can do.

Comparisons of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 in Many Sectors of Performances

Graphic card becomes important element in the high-performance computers. This hardware is needed in the processing of graphic features, both in editing and gaming. In this case, Nvidia becomes one of famous brands in providing graphic card, and it will be interesting to know the comparison between Nvidia Titan X vs 1080. These two graphic cards are dedicated for high-end computers, so they can be the tough comparison. 

Comparison of Nvidia Titan X VS 1080 in Some Aspects 

In term of release date, GTX 1080 is considered newer. It is released a year after Titan X. However, it cannot be said the GTX 1080 is fully better than Titan X. Both of them still have some strength points, and it is going to be interesting to know the details. For the comparisons of two graphic cards, there will be some categories. 

1. Performance

In the aspect of performance, it is an interesting comparison between Nvidia Titan X vs 1080. For the GTX 1080, it has better pixel rate since it can reach 128.6 GPixel/s, while Titan X can only reach 96 GPixel/s. Then, it also gives better clockspeed and the gap between them is up to 607 MHz it is not only in term of general clockspeed, since memory speed and turbo mode of GTX 1080 are still better than Titan X. 

However, it does not mean that Titan X is completely defeated. In fact, Titan X can give good graphic performance in term of texture mapping, and the gap is up to 32 points. Then, this graphic card also has better render output units. In term of shading unit, this card is still better than GTX 1080. 

2. Memory 

For the comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 in this aspect, both of them is quite similar. GTX 1080 wins in term of effective memory clockspeed. Its gap is up to 2988 MHz Meanwhile, Titan X wins in memory bandwidth and bus width. Titan X also brings bigger capacity of RAM and the gap is up to 4 GB. 

3. Ports and features 

The next comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 is about the port and feature. For some people, these may be considered as minor points since commonly main concerns are about the sector of performance and memories. However, this part still deserves attention since it deals with the practical aspect. 

In term of port, both of them are similar. GTX 1080 and Titan X have HDMI output. Then, the two graphic cards also have support the display port outputs and DVI output. However, both of them do not have mini display port output. Although it may not seem vital, it should get consideration 

In term of features, both of the graphic cards also have similar points. Both of them already support OpenGL and Open CL Versions. These versions, especially the OpenGL, are dedicated for those who need high resolution for playing games. Then, the cards also have support multi-display technology. For the maximum resolution, both of them can manage the resolution up to 4K. 

4. Price

In term of price, it will be different story. The comparison in this aspect show big difference. Even, it can be said that price of GTX 1080 is almost half of the Titan X. This significant difference should get special attention for those who need new graphic card. 

These are some comparison of two high-end graphic cards. Both of them are manufactured by Nvidia. Although Titan X is released earlier, it does not mean GTX 1080 is the successor. In fact, both of them have different bargaining points. These will serve specific functions and purposes. With this fact, it seems the comparison of Nvidia Titan X vs 1080 may not have big gaps.

NVIDIA DGX Station Price, Specifications, and Comparisons

Back in 2018, NVIDIA DGX Station was a new comer in the world of supercomputer. Built with towering physical, it still manages to be desk-friendly and amazingly quite in nature due to its water-cooled internal features. It is put in the same class as its predecessor, DGX-1 right away, but in slightly more accessible ways both in deployment and cost factor. This supercomputer is the little siblings of DGX-1 in various ways possible. It has half the power draw, half the system memory, half the CPU, half in GPU. The NVIDIA DGX Station price is also almost half of the DGX-1.

What Factors Justify NVIDIA DGX Station Price?

Even though NVIDIA DGX Station is designed to be the down-sized version of NVIDIA DGX-1 server, it is still able to hold the performances on its own just as fine. It comes with loaded amounts of performance-boosting additives. The DGX Station has three 1.92TB SSDs for the operating system and in RAID 0, it has 256GB of DDR4 memory, and dual 10GB LAN solution. 

Now while the manufacturer is able to cut down NVIDIA DGX Station price to half of its brother’s, the enthralling part is the DGX Station in fact carries more compute power than the superior models. NVIDIA DGX-1 has 170 TFLOPs and the DGX Station has 480 TFLOPS. It is all possible due to the new compute unit that based on Tesla V100. If this fact has successfully piqued your interest already, check out several qualities of DGX Station listed below.

1. Fastest Deep Learning Start

Rather than discovering new hardware setup, it is the era of discovering new AI application. You will be able to cut the deployment time that sometimes take several weeks and minimize setup with the DGX Station. All you need to do is just plug the device in and power it up, the rest goes in simple and intuitive ways. It also incorporated integrated design of hardware and software so you can spend less time on setup and save it for collecting some insights.

2. Increasing productivity to submit to Data Center

Let’s be honest, the time and money spent on IT can be spend better on data science. By using DGX Station, there is chance to safe both money and down time to encourage efficiency while designing frameworks from open sources. You’d be able to experiment at your desk, scaling data to the Data Center that uses NVIDIA DGX-1 or to the NVIDIA GPU Cloud Deep Learning technology.

3. 4 times faster than the fastest

DGX Station offers highly efficient performance. It is designed to be desk-friendly, yet has capacity of computing by combining four rack servers in one. The power consumption goes as low as 1/20th of comparable server’s consumption of power. Considering the NVIDIA DGX Station price, the 500 TFLOPS and water-cooled design is very appreciated. Those features are possible due to the use of new Tensor Core architecture, Tesla V100 GPUs and NVIDIA NVLink technology. The machine is able to stays cool and work efficiently while producing three times the performance of available workstations in the market.

NVIDIA DGX Station is an economical yet powerful choice of supercomputer. It built specifically to be the forefront of AI development. It is designed to be personal as well, as the size allows you to experiment the experience at your desk and across the cloud systems with DBX bases. The NVIDIA DGX Station price might seem a little bit extreme at first, but considering that this beautifully-crafted supercomputer provide exceptional performance and offers simplified experimentation with AI in your workspace, lab, or office, it might be worth to get.

How to Fix No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel Issue Easily

NVIDIA G-Sync is the new innovative display technology that delivers fast and smooth gaming experience for the users. It provides revolutionary performance, to eliminate screen tearing, minimizing input lag and display stutter, to create instant appearance of the scenes, make gameplay running smooth and the object looks sharper. Despite of how great the visual experience offered by the system, users sometimes still find some lacks – one of them being the absence of the system options or No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel. If you are currently experiencing this issue, read how to solve it below.

Three Methods to Resolve No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel Problem

The purpose of NVIDIA G-Sync is to present advanced technology for PC and laptop’s displays, by providing tear-free and silky-smooth gaming experience. However, there is still some possibilities that you will meet issues such as No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel to be found. There might be several possible reasons behind this problem, which you can solve based on the cause. Here are few solution methods that you might try to tackle the problem.

1. Check if the system you used is compatible with G-sync display technology

To run and operate properly, there’s a list of minimum specifications that your device must own, such as:

  • GeForce 10 series (Pascal) GPU or above, including graphics card of GeForce RTX 20-series
  • R417.71 Driver or above
  • Windows 10 x64 operating system or above
  • Monitor that compatible with G-Sync, connected by DisplayPort v1.2 natively.

2. Try to install or re-install the monitor driver

Aside from possibly fixing No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel issue, downloading and using the latest version of Driver may help you to resolve various driver conflicts and improve the performance and stability of your computers. Doing frequent updating is recommended for all version of operating system.

The steps to update and install driver vary a lot between different particular Monitor device model that you’re having issue with. Once the detail of your monitor is disclosed, you can search for the website to get the available drivers to download and install them. Follow the instructions on the specific website or search further for specific errors that you’re facing. As a tip, you can use driver update tool to help you download and update the latest drivers available for your device.

3. Use Windows Update to get latest update for your Windows.

Not having the latest updates for Windows may cause some unexpected issues, including No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel. Here’s how to update your Windows:

  • Click the ‘Start’ button to open Windows Update. Search for ‘Update’ in the search box, and click ‘Check for Updates’ or ‘Windows Update’ from the list of results.
  • Click on either of the options to get updates, wait for a moment for the Windows to look for the latest updates for your device.
  • If there is a message that tells you about availability of important update or tells you to review some updates, click on it to see and choose important updates to download and install.
  • To get more information, click on the updates on the list. Check the boxes of any updates you want to select, download, and install, then click ‘OK.’
  • Select ‘Install Updates’ menu.
  • Just a note to keep in mind, remember to not shut down your computer or let it run out of battery during the whole process of updating the system. Having the process interrupted may corrupt the operating system and cause further unwanted problem.

Choose any method you’d like or try each of them, in order to solve the No G-Sync Option in NVIDIA Control Panel issue. After that, you can check the option availability by opening the NVIDIA Control Panel to see if the problem has already resolved.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price, Feature and Other Things You Need to Know

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price is something that probably many people out there want to know. This graphic card might be one of the most famous products from NVIDIA. It has been around for a while (since 2013) and has been used by numerous people to power their PC or laptop. By using this particular graphic card, playing HD games won’t be any problem at all.

Information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price and More

For those who are looking for the full information about graphic card, particularly about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, the detail about it can be seen down below. Read the full features and information related to NVIDIA graphic card right now and understands its amazing features first. Everything can be read over here.

1. Graphic Processor

The most essential part of a graphic card is, of course, its graphic processor. So, beside the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price information, you also have to know the graphic processor of this GT 750M graphic card. This graphic has GK107 CPU with Kepler architecture and 28 nm process size. They can bring about 1,270 million transistors. They are more than enough to help playing games smoothly.

2. Memory and Clock Speeds

The basic information about the memory of this graphic card is that it has 2GB of memory size. It is considered small these days. However, it is completed by its 128 bit memory bus so it is not that bad. The type of this memory used in the graphic card is GDDR5. It is not so old-fashioned as some of the newer graphic cards these days are using GDDR5, too.

It has the bandwidth of 64.19 GB per second. Back in 2013, this was incredibly exceptional. The clockspeed is about 941 MHz (normal performance). However, it can be boosted up to 967 MHz. The memory clock of this graphic car is around 1003 MHz. Seen from that, there is no doubt that this graphic card can enhance the gaming experience.

3. Graphic Features

When you get the information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, you probably think that the price is quite expensive for graphic card. However, it will be all worth it. Why so? It is because the graphic card has the ability to deliver amazing gaming experience, thanks to its exceptional graphics features. The graphic feature of this graphic card is 12.0 on its DirectX and it has OpenGL of 4.6. It, of course, supports Vulkan (1.1.126) and CUDA (3.0) as well.

4. Overall Performance

The overall performance of this graphic card is quite great. It can deliver 7.736 GPixel/s pixel rate and 30.94 GTexel/s texture rate. So, establishing sophisticated 3D effect for the HD games is surely doable. This is why a lot of gamers are ended up buying this graphic card. Even though it has been released years ago, it has features that are still exceptional to this day.

5. The Price

So, how much is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price? Today, the average price of the graphic card is around $210 to $300. The price is, as stated before, a bit higher. However, you can see from the information above that the graphic card has numerous features to make sure that the gaming experience in the PC will get even better.

By using the right graphic card, playing games in computers or laptop won’t be a problem. This is why using the graphic products of NVIDIA is highly recommended. This brand has numerous types of graphic cards and GeForce GT 750M is one of its best. Read the information about it, including about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price above first before buying one.

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 Comparison and Review

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 are the comparison that a lot of people are looking for these days. Those are the graphic cards that everyone needs to make sure their computers or PC will be able to perform smoothly, especially when it is used to play HD games. For you who plan to get a new graphic card for PC, read more about P1000 and P2000 from NVIDIA down below.

Choosing between NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Vs P2000

Choosing between the two is not something quite easy as both of them are exceptionally great in the term of performance. However, if you really have to choose one, you are going to need the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison. There are several comparisons between these NVIDIA graphic cards down below. Read them well before getting the suitable one.

1. Features at Glance

Let us start the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison by taking a brief look at its features. In this case, there are three aspects to compare: GPU memory, memory interface and memory bandwidth. The overall performance of a graphic card can be seen from those three aspects alone. 

For GPU memory, P1000 has 4GB GDDRS and P2000 has 5GB GDDRS. The memory interface of P1000 is 128-bit and for P2000 it is 160-bit. As for memory band, P1000 is up to 82 GB per second and P2000 is up to 140 GB per second. From the comparisons, it is clear that P2000 is slightly more advanced and stronger in performance compared to P1000.

2. Display Resolution

Playing HD games means that you have to use dependable graphic card that can deliver smooth 3D effects on the game. The graphic card has to be completed by higher pixel rate. P2000 by far has higher pixel rate compared to its predecessor P1000. P2000 thus has better ability to allow the GPU in generating more pixels for higher display resolution while playing games.

3. Games Visual Appearance

People get the best graphic card in a bid to get better experience in playing HD games. Surely, the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison is going to tell you that both of them are great to bring exceptional games visual appearance. However, the better the texture fill rate, the smoother gaming experience the user will get. Since P2000 runs in higher frequency compared to P1000, it can deliver higher texture rate for sure. Using P2000 can bring you more vivid, more sophisticated effects while playing games, including the 3D games.

4. Maximum Power

Another feature that people like to compare when choosing graphic card is its maximum power. The lower the power consumption, the better it would be. In this area, P1000 has the advantage as it only needs 47 watt to operate. As for the P2000, it is a little bit higher at 75 watt. It clearly needs more watts to perform and operate.


5. Conclusion

Overall, from the term of performance, P2000 is still better than P1000. It is understandable as P2000 is indeed the refined version of its predecessor P1000. The price is also a little bit higher than the previous version. However, if you need a reliable graphic card that won’t let you down, P2000 remains the winner here.

From the comparison above, it is clear that even though both of them are amazing and excellent in performances, one is still better than the other. Considering using the right graphic card will be useful for computers, you will have to decide it really wisely. If your options revolve around those NVIDIA Quadro products, read the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparisons up there first.

Nvidia Geforce 940MX Vs GTX 1050 and Some Important Aspects to Compare

Graphic card becomes important aspects for those who need high performance of PC or laptop. Of course, great processor and high memory capacity is not enough. These activities need high quality of graphic processing, and it is provided by graphic cards. In this case, there are many products and series of graphic cards. In this case, Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be nice comparisons since these two cards are also quite popular on those who need high performance and graphic quality. 

Some Comparison of Nvidia Geforce 940mx Vs GTX 1050 

Both GTX 1050 and GeForce 940MX are quite popular. In term of class, these two can be categorized as low-mid class, and it can be seen from the basic specifications of both of them and the price. By having the comparisons, people who need affordable yet sufficient graphic cards can gain some useful insights. In making the comparisons, the points are divided into some aspects. 

1. Aspect of performance 

The first aspect to discuss about the Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 is their performance. This also becomes the main concern when people looking for the product. In general, it can be said that GTX 1050 has better performance compared to its competitor. In most of aspects, this card shows better scores. For example, this graphic card has better pixel rate and there gap up to 36.43GPixels/second.

Then, for its clockspeed, GTX 1050 is also better than GeForce 940MX. GTX 1050 can provide 1392 MHz, while its competitor has clock speed up to 1122 MHz When the GPU turbo is activated, GTX 1050 still shows its superiority with speed up to 1518 MHz, while the competitor can only reach 1242 MHz At least, these scores show the clear difference between both of them. 

2. Memory capacity 

In term of memory, the comparison of Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 still shows the superiority of GTX 1050. This graphic card can have better maximum rate in reading and storing the information into memory. Its bandwidth is up to 112.1GB/s, while the competitor can only score 16.02 GB/s. it is also supported by better memory bus width since the first one has 128 bit, while the competitor has 64bit. Even, RAM of GTX 1050 is still 2 GB more compared to GeForce 940MX. 

3. Output port

Since it is about graphic cards, availability of output pot is necessary. For Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050, both of them do not support multi-display technology. However, GTX 1050 already supports the HDMI port, while this does not exist in GeForce 940MX. 

4. Features

In term of feature, both graphic cards show some similarities. For the gaming functions, these two graphic cards have same capabilities in providing the DirectX and also OpenGL version, so there is no problem in term of software compatibility. Then, for editing in general, both of them has good similar score for the OpenCL version. 

Based on these four aspects of comparisons, it is already clear that GTX 1050 is better in most of the aspects. Rendering speed, memory reading, and other aspects of this card is more superior. However, it does not mean GeForce 940MX is bad. Both of them are produced by Nvidia, and each of them has different sector. It can be seen from GeForce 940 MX that has better TDP, and it is more than twice of the one owned by its competitor. This will make 940 MX consume less power. Of course, these kinds of information regarding Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be useful insights for you who look for new graphic card. 

Comparisons of Nvidia Quadro P5000 Vs GTX 1080 in Term of Performance and Other Aspects

For those who use the PC for heavy duties, such as gaming and editing pictures or videos, performance is very important aspect to consider. However, this aspect is not only about the processor and capacity of memory. Both for gaming and editing, graphic card play important points since it will have to deal with the jobs of rendering picture and managing graphic quality. Regarding the graphic card, competition of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 becomes one of the common comparisons to find. Of course, it is good to see some interesting points about these two graphic cards. 

Comparisons between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 

Comparing graphic cards will cover many aspects. It is not only to see the values based on the popularity. The comparison should also be comprehensive, and many aspects must be checked. In this case, these two graphic cards are quite famous, and it will be interesting to see some points of comparison between them. 

1. Performance 

In term of performance, GTX 1080 can be called more superior compared to the Quadro P5000. The first point to see is about its pixel rate. GTX 1080 provides higher pixel rate with gap up to 17.7 GPixels/second. It shows better render speed. Then, for the memory clock speed, GTX 1080 is also more superior since it provides speed up to 2500 MHz, while Quadro P5000 can only give 1127 MHz. Moreover, GTX 1080 is equipped with Double Precision Floating Point to give better accuracy in calculation. 

However, it does mean Quadro P5000 does not have good point in this aspect. In fact, this graphic card has stronger point in its floating-point performance. Moreover, the graphic card shows better score in the texture rate. 

2. Memory 

The comparison of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 in the aspect of memory shows better score for Quadro P5000. In this aspect, the graphic card provides 16 GB RAM memory, while GTX 1080 can only provide 8 GB. 

In addition, the memory capacity is more about the personal preference. Someone may be enough with 8GB memory, but other people may need to have 16GB memory due to the works they are doing. However, in general, it can be said that Quadro P5000 is better in term of its capacity.  

3. Ports

For the ports, there is no big gap between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080. In this case, each graphic card has different point offer. For the GTX 1080, it has HDMI port, so it is very useful for you who need to transfer the video and audio in high definition, while Quadro P5000 does not have this port. However, P5000 has more display port. It offers up to four ports, while GTX 1080 only has three ports. 

4. Features 

For the features, Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 do not show big differences. Even, it can be said there is no superior graphic card for this aspect. Most of the useful features can be found in both of them, such as the multi-display technology and the high resolution up to 4K. Even, both of them can process 3D graphic. That’s why there is no superiority for this part. 

Those are some points of comparison between GTX 1080 and Quadro P5000. Generally, both of them have some aspects to be proud of. However, it can be seen that GTX 1080 is better due to the aspect of performance. In term of price, it is actually quite different and GTX 1080 is priced more affordable compared to P5000. However, there are still more details that should be seen between them and these are only general overview of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080.