How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi with Easy Methods

You may want to utilize your Canon printer with Wi-Fi. To ensure it, the printer should be connected properly, and you have to know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi. The steps are not too difficult, even they are simple and easy. As long as you know the new models, the printer and Wi-Fi will be compatible.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi Properly

Before exploring more about this topic, you must understand the connection will be applied between the printer and Wi-Fi. In this case, the printer will go directly into the wireless adapter or router without intermediary. Your printer will be in the network, and the devices with access can send he printing request directly. Check the following list for the methods of how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi properly.

  1. Wireless feature and compatibility
    To know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi, you should check the printer specification and features. Canon has produced several printers with Wi-Fi technology. You can see them easily from Wi-Fi button with wireless icon. This button is usually in the control area, and you will find it easily. If this feature is available, the printer can be connected via Wi-Fi definitely.
  2. Connecting to Wi-Fi
    Turn on the printer, and wait until it is ready. Press the wireless button, and it will start flashing. The color should be blue or anything else, depending on the mode. Flashing mode means the printer still looks for Wi-Fi network. It will search and connect automatically as the default setting.You can go to setting section in the printer and look for LAN setting. Choose the network searching mode, and automatic one is preferable. After the printer is connected, you should input the password then keep the connection automatically. This is for the first time connection. The next time you connect, it will be ready automatically because the network and Wi-Fi already recognize your printing device.

    To ensure the connection is stable and safe, go to your router, and check if the printer is available. Canon uses WPS technology and protocol for this feature. If the printer cannot connect, your router must have restriction, or different protocol. In this case, you just change or use another router. This is important part on how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

  3. Adding printer on computer setting
    Canon printer is successfully connected, but the job is not done. You must know how to print via network. In this case, you should add the printer on your computer setting. Firstly, just install the driver. It is the software with purpose to ensure the computer and printer are recognizable each other. When buying new printer, customers receive DVD or CD that contains software, including driver. You can put into DVD drive and the setup will appear automatically.Follow all settings then choose the wireless mode as connection. This setting is for the first timer when the driver is not installed on computer. You can choose USB mode, and the wireless setting will be adjusted later. Wait until the installation is done. In this process, Wi-Fi button in the printer has to be in ON mode. Both devices will configure automatically. After the process is done, you can disable the Wi-Fi, and start the connection from beginning.

    If the driver is already installed, go to control panel and hardware setting. Find the printer and connect it automatically. As alternative, you can try this configuration from network setting. The computer and printer are in the same network. Therefore, you can connect both automatically. Wait until the computer recognizes the printer, and connection progress is done. As usual, you should make sure the Wi-Fi light in the printer stays flashing. When connecting is done, the light will have stable lit. That’s what you should know when connecting the computer and Canon printer. You can try this method in the other devices, such as laptop and smartphone. For Mac users, the menu and name of setting might be a little bit different, but the basic process is similar.

  4. Printing from computer via network
    The printer is already on the network via wireless. You should check if the connection is valid or not. Open the blank document and send the printing request. The network will send it into the printer. After the blank document is done, you can try again with several writings. The last checking is the photo if your Canon printer is specifically designed for this purpose.
  5. Troubleshooting
    The next step on how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi is troubleshooting. You already followed every step, but the connection is still failed. In this case, you must know how to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Firstly, check the router and its protocol. After that, make the Wi-Fi visible, so the printer can recognize it. Next, go to printer setting and choose the automatic mode when connecting to router. If this section is done, you will not have any issues for using the printer in the network.

On the other side, the problem often happens from the connection between computer and printer. You might buy the printer few years ago. The driver you have from Canon is for the old operating system. Your computer just receives the updates, and there is compatibility issue regarding the driver. In this case, just go to official website and find the latest version of driver. Choose the file that’s compatible with your computer. After that, download and install then follow the steps that have been explained in the above section.

It is better for installing with normal mode. You can connect the printer with USB cable and port. Wait until the installation is done. After that, configure it into wireless connection and network printing. This solution is for the beginner.
From the explanation above, to connect the printer to Wi-Fi is not a hard job. The latest mode is far easier since the technology and specs are already compatible with the router and network. Printing via network is reliable for office work. The companies do not need to buy many printers. One device is enough for medium job. Any device with the access into network can send the printing request then receive the printed-paper. Furthermore, the wireless feature on printer is useful to avoid long cable when you plug it via USB port. The printer can be in the corner, and you are in different room. This is why you must know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi.