NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price, Feature and Other Things You Need to Know

NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price is something that probably many people out there want to know. This graphic card might be one of the most famous products from NVIDIA. It has been around for a while (since 2013) and has been used by numerous people to power their PC or laptop. By using this particular graphic card, playing HD games won’t be any problem at all.

Information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M Price and More

For those who are looking for the full information about graphic card, particularly about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, the detail about it can be seen down below. Read the full features and information related to NVIDIA graphic card right now and understands its amazing features first. Everything can be read over here.

1. Graphic Processor

The most essential part of a graphic card is, of course, its graphic processor. So, beside the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price information, you also have to know the graphic processor of this GT 750M graphic card. This graphic has GK107 CPU with Kepler architecture and 28 nm process size. They can bring about 1,270 million transistors. They are more than enough to help playing games smoothly.

2. Memory and Clock Speeds

The basic information about the memory of this graphic card is that it has 2GB of memory size. It is considered small these days. However, it is completed by its 128 bit memory bus so it is not that bad. The type of this memory used in the graphic card is GDDR5. It is not so old-fashioned as some of the newer graphic cards these days are using GDDR5, too.

It has the bandwidth of 64.19 GB per second. Back in 2013, this was incredibly exceptional. The clockspeed is about 941 MHz (normal performance). However, it can be boosted up to 967 MHz. The memory clock of this graphic car is around 1003 MHz. Seen from that, there is no doubt that this graphic card can enhance the gaming experience.

3. Graphic Features

When you get the information about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price, you probably think that the price is quite expensive for graphic card. However, it will be all worth it. Why so? It is because the graphic card has the ability to deliver amazing gaming experience, thanks to its exceptional graphics features. The graphic feature of this graphic card is 12.0 on its DirectX and it has OpenGL of 4.6. It, of course, supports Vulkan (1.1.126) and CUDA (3.0) as well.

4. Overall Performance

The overall performance of this graphic card is quite great. It can deliver 7.736 GPixel/s pixel rate and 30.94 GTexel/s texture rate. So, establishing sophisticated 3D effect for the HD games is surely doable. This is why a lot of gamers are ended up buying this graphic card. Even though it has been released years ago, it has features that are still exceptional to this day.

5. The Price

So, how much is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price? Today, the average price of the graphic card is around $210 to $300. The price is, as stated before, a bit higher. However, you can see from the information above that the graphic card has numerous features to make sure that the gaming experience in the PC will get even better.

By using the right graphic card, playing games in computers or laptop won’t be a problem. This is why using the graphic products of NVIDIA is highly recommended. This brand has numerous types of graphic cards and GeForce GT 750M is one of its best. Read the information about it, including about NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M price above first before buying one.

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 Comparison and Review

NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 are the comparison that a lot of people are looking for these days. Those are the graphic cards that everyone needs to make sure their computers or PC will be able to perform smoothly, especially when it is used to play HD games. For you who plan to get a new graphic card for PC, read more about P1000 and P2000 from NVIDIA down below.

Choosing between NVIDIA Quadro P1000 Vs P2000

Choosing between the two is not something quite easy as both of them are exceptionally great in the term of performance. However, if you really have to choose one, you are going to need the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison. There are several comparisons between these NVIDIA graphic cards down below. Read them well before getting the suitable one.

1. Features at Glance

Let us start the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison by taking a brief look at its features. In this case, there are three aspects to compare: GPU memory, memory interface and memory bandwidth. The overall performance of a graphic card can be seen from those three aspects alone. 

For GPU memory, P1000 has 4GB GDDRS and P2000 has 5GB GDDRS. The memory interface of P1000 is 128-bit and for P2000 it is 160-bit. As for memory band, P1000 is up to 82 GB per second and P2000 is up to 140 GB per second. From the comparisons, it is clear that P2000 is slightly more advanced and stronger in performance compared to P1000.

2. Display Resolution

Playing HD games means that you have to use dependable graphic card that can deliver smooth 3D effects on the game. The graphic card has to be completed by higher pixel rate. P2000 by far has higher pixel rate compared to its predecessor P1000. P2000 thus has better ability to allow the GPU in generating more pixels for higher display resolution while playing games.

3. Games Visual Appearance

People get the best graphic card in a bid to get better experience in playing HD games. Surely, the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparison is going to tell you that both of them are great to bring exceptional games visual appearance. However, the better the texture fill rate, the smoother gaming experience the user will get. Since P2000 runs in higher frequency compared to P1000, it can deliver higher texture rate for sure. Using P2000 can bring you more vivid, more sophisticated effects while playing games, including the 3D games.

4. Maximum Power

Another feature that people like to compare when choosing graphic card is its maximum power. The lower the power consumption, the better it would be. In this area, P1000 has the advantage as it only needs 47 watt to operate. As for the P2000, it is a little bit higher at 75 watt. It clearly needs more watts to perform and operate.


5. Conclusion

Overall, from the term of performance, P2000 is still better than P1000. It is understandable as P2000 is indeed the refined version of its predecessor P1000. The price is also a little bit higher than the previous version. However, if you need a reliable graphic card that won’t let you down, P2000 remains the winner here.

From the comparison above, it is clear that even though both of them are amazing and excellent in performances, one is still better than the other. Considering using the right graphic card will be useful for computers, you will have to decide it really wisely. If your options revolve around those NVIDIA Quadro products, read the NVIDIA Quadro P1000 vs P2000 comparisons up there first.

Nvidia Geforce 940MX Vs GTX 1050 and Some Important Aspects to Compare

Graphic card becomes important aspects for those who need high performance of PC or laptop. Of course, great processor and high memory capacity is not enough. These activities need high quality of graphic processing, and it is provided by graphic cards. In this case, there are many products and series of graphic cards. In this case, Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be nice comparisons since these two cards are also quite popular on those who need high performance and graphic quality. 

Some Comparison of Nvidia Geforce 940mx Vs GTX 1050 

Both GTX 1050 and GeForce 940MX are quite popular. In term of class, these two can be categorized as low-mid class, and it can be seen from the basic specifications of both of them and the price. By having the comparisons, people who need affordable yet sufficient graphic cards can gain some useful insights. In making the comparisons, the points are divided into some aspects. 

1. Aspect of performance 

The first aspect to discuss about the Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 is their performance. This also becomes the main concern when people looking for the product. In general, it can be said that GTX 1050 has better performance compared to its competitor. In most of aspects, this card shows better scores. For example, this graphic card has better pixel rate and there gap up to 36.43GPixels/second.

Then, for its clockspeed, GTX 1050 is also better than GeForce 940MX. GTX 1050 can provide 1392 MHz, while its competitor has clock speed up to 1122 MHz When the GPU turbo is activated, GTX 1050 still shows its superiority with speed up to 1518 MHz, while the competitor can only reach 1242 MHz At least, these scores show the clear difference between both of them. 

2. Memory capacity 

In term of memory, the comparison of Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 still shows the superiority of GTX 1050. This graphic card can have better maximum rate in reading and storing the information into memory. Its bandwidth is up to 112.1GB/s, while the competitor can only score 16.02 GB/s. it is also supported by better memory bus width since the first one has 128 bit, while the competitor has 64bit. Even, RAM of GTX 1050 is still 2 GB more compared to GeForce 940MX. 

3. Output port

Since it is about graphic cards, availability of output pot is necessary. For Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050, both of them do not support multi-display technology. However, GTX 1050 already supports the HDMI port, while this does not exist in GeForce 940MX. 

4. Features

In term of feature, both graphic cards show some similarities. For the gaming functions, these two graphic cards have same capabilities in providing the DirectX and also OpenGL version, so there is no problem in term of software compatibility. Then, for editing in general, both of them has good similar score for the OpenCL version. 

Based on these four aspects of comparisons, it is already clear that GTX 1050 is better in most of the aspects. Rendering speed, memory reading, and other aspects of this card is more superior. However, it does not mean GeForce 940MX is bad. Both of them are produced by Nvidia, and each of them has different sector. It can be seen from GeForce 940 MX that has better TDP, and it is more than twice of the one owned by its competitor. This will make 940 MX consume less power. Of course, these kinds of information regarding Nvidia GeForce 940MX vs GTX 1050 can be useful insights for you who look for new graphic card. 

Comparisons of Nvidia Quadro P5000 Vs GTX 1080 in Term of Performance and Other Aspects

For those who use the PC for heavy duties, such as gaming and editing pictures or videos, performance is very important aspect to consider. However, this aspect is not only about the processor and capacity of memory. Both for gaming and editing, graphic card play important points since it will have to deal with the jobs of rendering picture and managing graphic quality. Regarding the graphic card, competition of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 becomes one of the common comparisons to find. Of course, it is good to see some interesting points about these two graphic cards. 

Comparisons between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 

Comparing graphic cards will cover many aspects. It is not only to see the values based on the popularity. The comparison should also be comprehensive, and many aspects must be checked. In this case, these two graphic cards are quite famous, and it will be interesting to see some points of comparison between them. 

1. Performance 

In term of performance, GTX 1080 can be called more superior compared to the Quadro P5000. The first point to see is about its pixel rate. GTX 1080 provides higher pixel rate with gap up to 17.7 GPixels/second. It shows better render speed. Then, for the memory clock speed, GTX 1080 is also more superior since it provides speed up to 2500 MHz, while Quadro P5000 can only give 1127 MHz. Moreover, GTX 1080 is equipped with Double Precision Floating Point to give better accuracy in calculation. 

However, it does mean Quadro P5000 does not have good point in this aspect. In fact, this graphic card has stronger point in its floating-point performance. Moreover, the graphic card shows better score in the texture rate. 

2. Memory 

The comparison of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 in the aspect of memory shows better score for Quadro P5000. In this aspect, the graphic card provides 16 GB RAM memory, while GTX 1080 can only provide 8 GB. 

In addition, the memory capacity is more about the personal preference. Someone may be enough with 8GB memory, but other people may need to have 16GB memory due to the works they are doing. However, in general, it can be said that Quadro P5000 is better in term of its capacity.  

3. Ports

For the ports, there is no big gap between Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080. In this case, each graphic card has different point offer. For the GTX 1080, it has HDMI port, so it is very useful for you who need to transfer the video and audio in high definition, while Quadro P5000 does not have this port. However, P5000 has more display port. It offers up to four ports, while GTX 1080 only has three ports. 

4. Features 

For the features, Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080 do not show big differences. Even, it can be said there is no superior graphic card for this aspect. Most of the useful features can be found in both of them, such as the multi-display technology and the high resolution up to 4K. Even, both of them can process 3D graphic. That’s why there is no superiority for this part. 

Those are some points of comparison between GTX 1080 and Quadro P5000. Generally, both of them have some aspects to be proud of. However, it can be seen that GTX 1080 is better due to the aspect of performance. In term of price, it is actually quite different and GTX 1080 is priced more affordable compared to P5000. However, there are still more details that should be seen between them and these are only general overview of Nvidia Quadro P5000 vs GTX 1080.

How to Fix “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDIA” and Other Similar GeForce Experience Issues

Failure in accessing GeForce is something common to happen amongst Windows users. Besides from the error codes of 0x000, the other typical are error messages of “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDIA” or “Something went wrong try restarting GeForce experience”. Even though GeForce Experience 3.0 is the most advanced products from the NVIDIA manufacturers, doesn’t mean it didn’t come with some flaws regarding its performance. Luckily, these problems are amongst the easily fixable ones by yourself without having to ask for professional help.  If you’re currently facing any other issues, you may want to check out how to fix it by reading these helpful tips below. 

5 Ways to Resolve “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDI” message

Method 1: Check the Display Driver Services

NVIDIA has this driver services that could be accessed through Windows Services Manager. Press Windows key + R button to open the menu. Once the Run utility has displayed, type ‘services.msc’ in the search bar and press Enter. 

On the Services Window that opened, check the list inside it. Set NVIDIA Display Container, NVIDIA LocalSystem Container, NVIDIA GeForce Experience service, NVIDIA GeForce Experience Backend Service, and NVIDIA Telemetry Container Service to to Automatic. For NVIDIA NetworkService Container, set it to Manual. Click Apply.

Method 2: Close and launch back all the GeForce Experience tasks

To cancel the error in using this GeForce Experience, you have to close all the related tasks. You can launch Windows Task Manager by pressing Shift + Ctrl + Esc simultaneously. Once the Task Manager is opened, select all the NVIDIA tasks that are currently running. Click ‘End Task’ menu at the bottom of the window. To launch the tasks again, right click on the icon of GeForce Experience, and choose to ‘Run it as Administrator’.

Method 3: Update your NVIDIA Graphics Driver

System failure that causes the message of “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDI” can be generated by mistakes in updating the graphics driver of NVIDIA. To resolve this problem, make sure you’ve downloaded Driver Easy from reliable source. Install the app and launch it, then choose ‘Scan Now’ menu. The system will take a while to do troubleshooting in your device. Once it has done, check the ‘Automatically Download’ menu and install outdated and missing drivers in your respective version. After the process has completed, restart your Windows and launch the GeForce Experience app back.

Method 4: Uninstall the GeForce Experience app, and then reinstall it.

If your GeForce Experience is outdated or corrupted, then it is possible that you have some problems going on. To fix the issue, press Windows key + R button which will launch the Run box. Type in ‘appwix.cpl’ and click enter. Find GeForce Experience on the list of Programs, and hit the ‘Uninstall’ button. After the process has completed, download the later version from the official website of NVIDIA. Download and install the app in your computer, then restart the device system.

Method 5: Update your Windows and Restart the GeForce Experience app

This is the last alternative to fix the “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDI” issue. Using older Windows version may cause some problems. Upgrade your Windows, by checking updates on the Windows Update & Security in Settings option. Install all the available updates and restart your device. After you’ve done, launch the GeForce Experience to check if the issue still persists.

The typical reason of why you get the “Error HRESULT E_FAIL NVIDI” message is usually because there’s a general error in NVIDIA app configuration. These various methods of solution above may help you to resolve the computer problem easily and quickly. Keep in mind to follow each step correctly, so you don’t have to get another issue arising.

NVIDIA Tesla P40 Price: A Breakdown of Justifications to See If It’s Worth the Cost

NVIDIA Tesla P40 is the graphic card that was released back in mid of 2016. It targets the market of professional enthusiasts. The main purpose of this graphic card built is to present the high and optimal result from the system for deep learning transmission. NVIDIA Tesla P40 price set at US $5699 on its initial launch. It is equipped with INT8 operations on each GPU and inference performance of 47 Tera-Operations per second (TOPS), making it able to deliver performance that’s equivalent with more than 140 CPU servers. Its GPU accelerators are backed by powerful software tool to increase the efficacy. In case you need to justify the price, here are the breakdowns of the Tesla 40’s specifications.

Ultimate Guides to NVIDIA Tesla P40 Price, Specifications, and Features

1. Graphic processor 

The code name of Tesla P40 given by its manufacturer NVIDIA, is GP102. The GPU used microarchitecture Pascal, that’s primarily used in series of Geforce 10. The size of its process node is about 16nm. The die size is 471 mm², packed about 11,800 transistors.

2. Graphic card

As the name implies, this GPU is belong to the Tesla generation with Pxx code. It is launched back in September 13th, 2016 and its production is still going on until today. Even though it is launched at US $5699, NVIDIA Tesla P40 price has been rocketing to US $8000 to US $9000 cost range nowadays. 

3. Clock speed

Clock speed, whether in CPU or GPU is used to indicate how fast its graphics processing unit cores. These cores are meant to render the graphics, so the higher the clock speed is, the faster it could do the processing. The numbers of Tesla 40 clock speed for the base, boost, and memory clock are 1303 MHz, 1531 MHz, and 1251 MHz respectively.

4. Memory

Tesla P40 is packed with a whole 24 GB memory size which is 3 to 4 times higher than the average GPUs’ memory size, in the type of GDDR5X and 344 bit of memory bus. It has bandwidth speed of 480.4 GB/s. These specifications may explain more about why the NVIDIA Tesla P40 price is so much higher than the other GPU units.

5. Board design

Tesla 40 graphics processing unit is created with dual slot width, with the length about 10.5 inches or 267 mm. It is recommended to have power supplies in more than 600W to support your GPU-based device. It has one 6-pin and one 8-pin power connectors, and no outputs.

6. Render configuration

As the rendering ability of GPU technology is kind of getting so much attention in these modern days, it is important to choose one with good render configurations. With how much the NVIDIA Tesla P40 price costs, the shading units and texture mapping units numbers come conveniently at 3840 and 240. Meanwhile, the render operating units stand at 96.

7. Graphic features

The APIs component of Tesla 40 is already using Direct 12.0 or 12.1 to allows you run different multimedia or gaming programs smoothly and provides less latency and higher fps (frames per second) for any program purpose.

With how rapid the technology is getting improved to increase the accuracy and complexity, GPU is slowly taking over CPU which has lower performance to deliver interactive experience for the computer users. The NVIDIA Tesla P40 price might seem ridiculously expensive at first. However, considering it could deliver about 30 times less latency to provide real-time responsiveness compared to even the most complex CPU models, it makes sense for a lot of people. This revolutionary unit matches so well in the era of intelligent machine to enable excellent user experience.

Exploring the Capability and Difference of NVidia Quadro M1200 Vs. GTX 1050

NVidia produces several graphic cards including, Quadro M1200 and GTX 1050. Both are for different segmentation and target consumers. The basic function is similar if you only use them for standard utilization. To know the difference of Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050, check the following explanation.

Comparing NVidia Quadro M1200 vs. GTX 1050

1. Technology

Technology is the key when comparing two graphic cards, even from the same company. At first, you know that NVidia distinguishes Quadro and GeForce from their performance. The base technology is similar because it comes from the same research and development. Quadro has full graphic support for handling much computing task. On contrary, NVidia keeps the GTX, including the 1050 version from excess computing. It does not mean GTX is in lower level than Quadro, even when you compare it to mobile version. GTX is better in term of technology that requires faster loading and processing with less computing. 


2. Performance

Performance is also important when comparing Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050. Based on official release, M1200 was older than 1050. In that case, you may see less performance for M1200 when you put them side by side. In fact, this Quadro model is on par with GTX 960. From this point, you know that M1200 relatively has lesser performance. On the other hand, 1050 is better at overall benchmarking analysis. Newer model is expected to be more reliable and better. That’s what you see on both graphic cards.


3. Gaming

GTX is specifically for gaming, including 1050. You can still enjoy the latest game even though the GPU is GTX 1050. Some manufacturers use GTX for gaming laptop which means the performance in this field is at the best level. For Quadro 1200, you do not have any issue if the game does not consume more graphic and resource. This graphic card is better for daily basis computing. It is better than integrated card which commonly processor has. 


4. Multimedia task

Next exploration for Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050 will be about multimedia task. This Quadro uses Maxwell that NVidia implements for mobile graphic card development. You can put it into workstation to handle extensive processing and computing. If you are graphic designer, Quadro is the best choice for rendering your design. In fact, Quadro is better when you need faster and better result for video editing. One issue is this version does not have full capability compared to other Quadro. You can get better performance as mobile graphic card but not as good as the one dedicated for workstation. On the other hand, GTX 1050 is also reliable enough for minor video editing as long as you do not render too much content. 


5. Crypto mining

You can test the graphic performance via crypto mining. This is unusual method but it is reliable if you are in mining activity and business. Based on performance, GTX is better for mining and the gap is significant. Quadro is alternative if you do not have enough gear for crypto mining. This graphic car is reliable, but not recommended for long period. With the same power support, GTX can do mining better and faster.


6. Price

Graphic card is not cheap, and consumers always compare to find the most valuable one. The price for M1200 is cheaper due to older product than GTX 1050. However, the price is a subject to change that means you will see 1050 is cheaper if the demand is lower. Good advice about the price for graphic card is you can decide after choosing the one that’s capable to fulfill your needs.

Nvidia Quadro M1200 vs GTX 1050 comparison is interesting topic because people try to find which one is better. Each has pros and cons. One is better on certain aspects, and the other is superior in term of specific capability.

Understanding the Differences of NVidia Quadro P4000 Vs. GTX 1080

NVidia is prominent company for GPU. Most computers use NVidia products that are commonly available in two big categories, which are Quadro and GeForce. The latter has few variations including GTX. In fact, most users do not have enough knowledge for understanding the difference between Quadro and GTX. The next section will explore more about Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080

Exploring NVidia Quadro P4000 vs. GTX 1080

Regardless the name, Quadro and GeForce have the same base technology. NVidia adds locking on GeForce board in order to make it faster and more reliable. On contrary, Quadro still keeps the original design and structure in graphic card industry.

1. Workstation vs personal computer

First thing on Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080 is the purpose. You may buy gaming laptop, and there is graphic card called GTX 1080. Other laptops also have GTX, even the latest models still utilize GeForce graphic card. On the other hand, you can buy personal computer, and the graphic is mostly GTX or higher. From this point, consumers who buy GTX are mostly for personal computer or laptop. 


For Quadro, this product is dedicated for workstation. In general, personal computer and workstation have the same system, hardware, even software. However, workstation is for high computing task, such as database, cloud computing, and similar tasks. You can use GTX for computing, but it is limited to what personal computer can do. On contrary, workstation uses specific RAM, storage, motherboard, processor, and software. Therefore, workstation must have special graphic card, which is Quadro P4000.


2. Gaming

GTX 1080 works faster with high clock speed. This is useful when the computer must do the faster processing. NVidia dedicated GTX for gaming. Keep in mind gaming does not mean the computer does not compute much. On the other hand, gaming computer must be faster when loading the task. As you know, the game uses too much graphic configuration. You can play the game with utmost graphic resolution without lagging and delaying. In this case, Quadro is out of option for gaming with advanced intensity. However, some games even the mid-level resolution has not much issue. Gaming still has computing and processing, but Quadro will have low rendering graphic. 


3. Multimedia task and graphic design

Most people think gaming laptop is the right choice when handling multimedia task or graphic design processing. As it mentioned above, you can play faster and more reliable when having GTX 1080 rather than Quadro P4000. The next aspect regarding Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080 will be about multimedia and graphic design. Quadro is what graphic card supposed to be for rendering video or any computerized-aided design. Professional movie editors use advanced workstation for rendering the extensive raw video. This is where Quadro has top-notch compared to GTX. Workstation with this graphic card can do rendering faster for better result. You might not see much difference if only working on small project. Rendering video or 3D graphic takes effort and energy. GTX is not reliable for such work, but it can prolong the graphic loading during game session. 


4. Price

Both graphic cards have pros and cons regarding the technology, capability, and reliability. Next thing to consider is price. You often see laptops with GTX to have the price higher than the others. Moreover, the price for standalone product is quite expensive due to high demand. People know what NVidia GTX can do and choose this one. If you want Quadro P400, the price is quite affordable, but it can turn into expensive one when the demand is high.

From the explanation above, now you know why you should compare Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080. GTX can do what Quadro does and vice versa. Quadro is better when handling the advanced computing and rendering CAD. For gaming, the best solution is definitely GTX 1080 or higher.

Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060: Which One is Better?

Deciding between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 is not a simple task. Both graphic processing chips fall under the category of affordable chips. However, the two have distinguishable characteristics that make them suitable for certain people but not others. Anybody who needs help before making decision between the two should pay close attention to this passage. The two graphic chips would be compared based on several criteria.

Comparison between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060

It would be fair to compare Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 not only for laptop application, but also mobile. The following points highlight the differences on the chips use in laptops.

1. Clock speed difference

The GTX1060 has up to 25% higher clock speed rate if compared to the MX150. The memory clock speed is also higher by 35%. This means that from graphic process perspective, there will be less lagging when using computer or laptop utilizing GTX1060. It is especially apparent when user needs to process higher quality graphics. The MX150 may need time to load graphic in its maximum resolution.

2. Graphic quality

From graphic quality point of view, the two are not that different. Although GTX1060 is capable of showing sharper graphic than the other, its maximum resolution is not that different, which is high definition level or 1280 x 720 pixels. The reason for sharper graphic is because GTX1060 has slightly higher pixel rate. It is advised against going higher than that because the chips will not be able to handle it.

3. Power and performance based on power

In the battle between the two graphic processing chips, MX150 still holds champion title when it comes to power. It does not consume too much power when running, thus, user will not find their battery draining out quicker even when playing game or doing other heavy graphic task. The performance based on power for MX150 is also more superior to GTX1060. However, the difference between these two chips is not that massive.

4. Computation 

When it comes to computing, the GTX1060 still holds the candle. The function is especially palpable when user utilizes the laptop to perform facial recognition and creating video. User may find that MX150 will experience some lagging during the process. While GTX1060 may also experience similar issue from time to time, the rate is significantly lower than the other.

In the following points comparison between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060 in context of mobile application is made.

1. Quality of graphics

For the mobile version, it seems like more users rate GTX1060 as the better graphic chip than MX150. It is because the pixel rate it can handle is higher. Thus, user will have clearer graphic when using smartphone with the 1060 chip. It may affect the color contrast and its presentation too. Both chips may show different display if being compared side by side because of this difference.

2. Gaming activities

Mobile gaming is also something that people love to do these days. The GTX1060 is rated to offer better experience during gaming by users. It seems that this graphic processing chip shows less lagging when it comes to gaming in comparison to MX150. During gaming, the slow process of loading the graphic may reduce the gaming enjoyment significantly.

3. Power and noise

In the realm of power and noise, though, the MX150 shows superiority. It does not consume your battery at fast rate which means it preserves battery longevity. The noise it emits is also less distracting than the other chip, even if in mobile application the noise is not that much.

It is not easy to decide between Nvidia MX150 vs GTX 1060. The reason is that some people may place performance above other characteristics while some other people may think that power and price are everything.

Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060: the Two Different Graphic Chips

To some people, there might not be too many glaring differences when asked about Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060. However, those who are familiar with these graphic chips would say the two cannot be more different. What are the characteristic differences between the two graphic chips? The following part would be able to answer that.

Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060: The Glaring Differences

Here are some major differences between the two chips.

1. The architecture

Both graphic chips utilize Pascal architecture. This GPU architecture is developed by Nvidia and becomes its pride. Performance provided by the architectural chassis is considered to be superior. The 1060 series has more recent design if compared to 150. Thus, it can be expected that the two would deliver different aspects of performance. As the later release, 1060 would carry improvements from the entry level 150.

2. Features provided

From features perspective the difference between Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 is very palpable. Features offered at 150 include Vulkan and Multi Monitor. Vulkan is a feature that found to be helpful during website development process. Multi Monitor is also a feature that developer would find helpful because it enables them to work more efficiently particularly during coding.

The newer 1060 is also equipped with Vulkan and Multi Monitor features. However, it has nice additions in the forms of G-Sync, VR Ready, and Multi-Projection. The G-Sync is desirable feature for avid gamer. It ensures that gaming activity would be smooth sailing and the graphic looking sharper. Meanwhile the VR-Read is going to support virtual reality programs in the computer should user need it.

3. Performance

From performance perspective, 1060 is notably more capable of bringing in solid performance if compared to 150. It does not mean that computer with MX150 will not be able to perform well. Its graphic quality is better than its predecessor. User is still able to to play games conveniently with their laptop albeit with smaller scale resolution. Meanwhile, the GTX1060 provides better performance as it is intended for higher end laptops. Although it may not help gamer when trying to play game in Full HD resolution, the graphic quality is still amazing.

4. Power consumption and efficiency

When discussing about Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 in terms of power consumption, buyers’ opinions become divided. As expected, the lower tier 150 would consume less power than the 1060. MX150 power consumption ranges from 23 to 40 watts while the GTX1060 can reach up to 80 watts. There is a solid reason underlying this massive difference, which is the fact that MX150 is smaller and thus will not require much power to run.

5. Variants

The manufacturer releases different variants for each chip series, based on the laptop size where it is going to be applied to. The first variant of MX150 is for regular laptop while the other (which is more power efficient) is utilized for compact size laptop. The GTX1060 also has variant for regular desktop computer and another dedicated for mobile screen. Understandably, variants that are designed for lower tier laptops would show less performance quality than the conventional one.

6. Laptop products

Comparing the lists of laptop products which utilize the 150 and 1060 chips, you will see that GTX1060 has more. It is utilized in several more series perhaps due to wider range of functions and variants. However, it does not necessarily mean that MX150 is the worse chip model. 

Hopefully the comparison of Nvidia GeForce MX150 vs GTX 1060 helps you getting to know these two chips better. They are not in any way similar as each chip offers different thing. Each graphic chip is designed to cater specific market.