Understanding the Differences of NVidia Quadro P4000 Vs. GTX 1080

NVidia is prominent company for GPU. Most computers use NVidia products that are commonly available in two big categories, which are Quadro and GeForce. The latter has few variations including GTX. In fact, most users do not have enough knowledge for understanding the difference between Quadro and GTX. The next section will explore more about Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080

Exploring NVidia Quadro P4000 vs. GTX 1080

Regardless the name, Quadro and GeForce have the same base technology. NVidia adds locking on GeForce board in order to make it faster and more reliable. On contrary, Quadro still keeps the original design and structure in graphic card industry.

1. Workstation vs personal computer

First thing on Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080 is the purpose. You may buy gaming laptop, and there is graphic card called GTX 1080. Other laptops also have GTX, even the latest models still utilize GeForce graphic card. On the other hand, you can buy personal computer, and the graphic is mostly GTX or higher. From this point, consumers who buy GTX are mostly for personal computer or laptop. 


For Quadro, this product is dedicated for workstation. In general, personal computer and workstation have the same system, hardware, even software. However, workstation is for high computing task, such as database, cloud computing, and similar tasks. You can use GTX for computing, but it is limited to what personal computer can do. On contrary, workstation uses specific RAM, storage, motherboard, processor, and software. Therefore, workstation must have special graphic card, which is Quadro P4000.


2. Gaming

GTX 1080 works faster with high clock speed. This is useful when the computer must do the faster processing. NVidia dedicated GTX for gaming. Keep in mind gaming does not mean the computer does not compute much. On the other hand, gaming computer must be faster when loading the task. As you know, the game uses too much graphic configuration. You can play the game with utmost graphic resolution without lagging and delaying. In this case, Quadro is out of option for gaming with advanced intensity. However, some games even the mid-level resolution has not much issue. Gaming still has computing and processing, but Quadro will have low rendering graphic. 


3. Multimedia task and graphic design

Most people think gaming laptop is the right choice when handling multimedia task or graphic design processing. As it mentioned above, you can play faster and more reliable when having GTX 1080 rather than Quadro P4000. The next aspect regarding Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080 will be about multimedia and graphic design. Quadro is what graphic card supposed to be for rendering video or any computerized-aided design. Professional movie editors use advanced workstation for rendering the extensive raw video. This is where Quadro has top-notch compared to GTX. Workstation with this graphic card can do rendering faster for better result. You might not see much difference if only working on small project. Rendering video or 3D graphic takes effort and energy. GTX is not reliable for such work, but it can prolong the graphic loading during game session. 


4. Price

Both graphic cards have pros and cons regarding the technology, capability, and reliability. Next thing to consider is price. You often see laptops with GTX to have the price higher than the others. Moreover, the price for standalone product is quite expensive due to high demand. People know what NVidia GTX can do and choose this one. If you want Quadro P400, the price is quite affordable, but it can turn into expensive one when the demand is high.

From the explanation above, now you know why you should compare Nvidia Quadro P4000 vs GTX 1080. GTX can do what Quadro does and vice versa. Quadro is better when handling the advanced computing and rendering CAD. For gaming, the best solution is definitely GTX 1080 or higher.

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