Reason of Why Does My Printer Say Offline and Some Possible Solutions

When you already have your own printer next the PC or laptop, you can easily print the files. When you want to print it, just access the menu or use the button CTRL and P. Normally, this will run the printing process, and you only need to wait for it. However, it can be annoying when actually you find that the printer is offline. Of course, “why does my printer say offline” will be your question, and you need the fastest solution to solve the problem. To solve it, there are some good points of information that you should know, so later you will not need to ask the question anymore.

Why Does My Printer Say Offline and the Solutions?

Well, when you are working and suddenly your printer is offline, it means the big problem may happen soon. If it says offline, there is probably a problem in your printer, and it means you cannot print your file. You need to solve it as soon as possible, so it can work properly again. In this case, there are some answers and solution for the question. Just check them one by one at below section.

  1. The connection issues
    Well, the connection issue is the problem that can occur when you ask ‘why does my printer say offline’. Your device is not connected to your PC. Even if it is connected, there are some problems that make it unable to access. For this case, you can check some points.

    First, you need to check some cables of your printer, and then make sure the printer is on. It must be in the condition of ready to print the files. When you are sure about it, you can check the connection to PC.

    If you still use USB cable, you need to make sure it is connected properly by checking the icon of USB on the taskbar. You may also check it in the control panel. It will appear there if it is connected. Then, you can get the solution of why does my printer say offline. The same way is also possible to do in case your printer is connected through wireless. It can be checked in the control panel.

    When you checked those points, but you still cannot print your files, try to restart the printer. Just push the power button. This is the fast and easy solution. Normally, this way works well. Then, you can get back to work and get ready to print your files.

  2. The printing problems
    In addition, when you ask ‘why does my printer say offline’, it is possible there are some errors in the printing process. When the printer cannot execute the job properly, it leaves some printing jobs on the process. This will make you unable to print files since the command will need to queue on the list.

    Actually, the solution for this question is quite easy. You only need to access the printing queue. After that, cancel all of the process. By doing it, all of print job queues will be removed, and you can try to print the file again. When your offline issue is caused by the queues of printing job, this solution is enough to solve the problem.

  3. The problems on driver
    Printer needs driver to run the device. This driver normally can work properly. However, there can be some problems or bugs on the software. This is one of the reasons that make your printer go offline. In this time, you need to solve the software issue.

    Moreover, the printer developers normally provide some updates. Frequent updates are given to printer since there can be some bugs. The updates may also provide the additional features. Actually, you are able to automatically update the file if this menu is available. However, you should do it manually when the menu does not exist.

    To solve the software issue related to the offline problem, you can visit the official website. Then, find the suitable printer model. After that, you only need to pick the latest software or driver. It is always recommended to get the file from official website, so you will not have other big problems of malware.

    This is enough to solve your problem. However, when updating the software still does not give the right answer and solution for your question of why does my printer say offline, you need to go to the next step.

  4. The installation problem
    The reasons of the printer offline can be about the installation problem. In this case, you may try to troubleshoot the software. There are also some features for repair and maintenance in the driver. When these all do not work, you should do the hard way.

You need to uninstall the driver, and try to reinstall it again. Of course, this can be big problem. It surely is the hard way since you will need some minutes to solve it. You need to repeat the whole process. However, you do not have other solution, so you need to be patient in reinstalling the printer.

Normally, this will reset all of the errors. As long as you use the default driver provided by the manufacturer, there will be no issue. When the installation process runs well, it should be enough to give the solution. If it still does not work well, the problems may exist on the installation driver. To get it fixed, download the latest official driver from the website.
Those are some answers and solutions when you find the printer offline. There are some ways to try, and each of them is already in the good order based on the level of its difficulty. However, when you still find these methods do not solve the offline problem, you should find the service center as it can be the technical problem. In this case, the solution of why does my printer say offline cannot be performed by yourself as you need the assistance from professional.

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