HP Envy 5055 All-In-One Printer for Many Features and High Capability

Printer is useful device when you want to obtain the printed-paper from digital file. As you know, the printing mode has several options, such as black-white, greyscale, and colored. The latter is mostly for photos. Finding printer with complete features is not easy task. Moreover, printer is not just for printing, because the device can be the scanner even fax machine. If you look for the most reliable device for printing with more functionality, the answer is HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer.

Exploring HP Envy 5055 All-In-One Printer

At the first glance, this printer looks like the regular one, but you must see it closely. HP is prominent company in technology industry. Printer is one of products that still have significant market. Releasing printer with all-in-one capability is necessary to fulfill the demand. You buy not only a static printer, but it also has high capability for scanning, copying, mobile printing, and photo printing. Check the following list for exploring the features of HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer.

  1. Print photo and two-side printing
    The printer is designed for photo printing. It can deliver high quality colored result. Before printing, check the file size and resolution first. If the file is too small, this printer will enhance and enlarge it with reliable proportion. The result is still good even excellent. With this feature, the printer is suitable for home printing and photography. You do not need advanced and expensive device to deliver the best photo.Another feature related to printing is duplex or two-side mode. In old days, you should change the paper position, and did it manually when you need printed-paper with duplex result. You printed on both sides, but manual method was less efficient. Today, HP solves this issue with new HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer. You just go to the setting and choose duplex mode. It is from printing preference before you hit the print button on computer. The paper will have two pages automatically without changing the position.
  2. Copy and scan
    HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer is not just for printing. It is all-in-one device that can do copy and scan. You need to put the paper or photo at the top then hit the copy mode. The capacity is up top 50 sheets, and you can start again after the last copy is printed. In general, the copy feature is quite similar with printing. The main difference is you can take the copy from real paper, and the printing uses digital file. This device also has scan feature with flat bet technology. After the scanning is done, you can save or print it directly.
  3. Print capability
    Printing capability is the most important part to consider before buying the new printer. Based on the official information, this device can print up 10 ppm. You may get more if the file or document is in small size and low resolution. The capacity for copy and scan is quite similar, including the enhancement to upgrade the printing quality. Keep in mind this printer does not use the laser technology. You may expect normal printing mode that’s not fast for high volume duty. The maximum sheet is up to 50 before you reload it again for the next printing.
  4. Paper type
    This printer is compatible with almost any type of paper. You can use thin paper that’s common for document. On the other side, you may put the glossy paper or any similar type that’s usually used for photo printing. Just choose the borderless or border mode before the printing is started. Due to limited size, this printer only takes maximum paper size up to A4. As long as the paper can be attached on the tray, you can print it anytime.
  5. Wireless connectivity and Bluetooth
    The most advanced feature on HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer is wireless connectivity and Bluetooth. You can connect the printer with wireless, hotspot, or Wi-Fi adapter. It is quite similar with your mobile phone or computer. Check the Wi-Fi icon and the button at the top of this printer. With this feature, you can integrate the printer into network printing. You can also send the file without directly plugged into the printer itself. Another benefit is the mobile printing through wireless and Bluetooth. You can print the photo from smartphone, tablet, and camera directly. With this feature, you do not need a long cable and USB port. As long as the printer is accessible, every device can do the printing easily.
  6. Driver and firmware
    HP also provides support for HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer, such as the firmware and driver. When buying this printer, you will get the driver and additional software. The driver must be installed on your computer before you use the printer. Just choose the driver based on operating system you have, such as Windows or Mac. If your system is old, just visit the official website and find the suitable driver.
  7. Compatibility
    This printer is compatible with almost all computers, especially for Windows and Mac. On the other side, you can use the smartphone, which means the printer has compatibility with most of operating systems for smartphone. The other compatibility is from the camera. HP makes sure it can connect directly through wireless or Bluetooth. You send the files from camera directly for printing.
  8. Affordable price
    You can have this device with affordable price. HP produces this printer for consumers and home usability. For small business, this printer has practical function when you require high resolution printing immediately. The price is worth, and you will get the excellent printer with many features.
  9. Support and warranty
    As usual, you will receive the support, such as the update and spare part. Read the manual book and see the ink section. This printer will work perfectly if you use the genuine ink from HP. You can buy the ink in nearby store. HP also provides the subscription for ink supply. This is interesting offer if you use much ink per month.From the explanation above, you see what this printer can do. All-in-one printer is versatile device for any situation. You may just take a photo and want to keep it in printed mode. This printer will handle your need. Moreover, you can also print an essay or homework immediately. The regular printing with excellent result is what this printer can do. In addition, you may also have document at hand and need to make the copy. In this case, HP Envy 5055 all-in-one printer also provides the copy feature. Those are what you get when buying and having this printer.

Printer Is in An Error State: How to Resolve the Issue in Six Different Methods

If you are a regular printer user, there is a chance that you have encountered printer is in an error state problem at least once. The message of error will appear on your computer to notify you about the issue, but it won’t always tell you what exactly the cause of it. Regardless of the cause, you can try to tackle the problem by using several helpful solutions below. These troubleshooting guides may help you fix the error state problem.

6 Solutions to Solve Printer Is in an Error State Problem

Sometimes, when you try to print a document on your printing machine, the task is unable to be done due to the unknown error that you are unaware of. At times like this, a pop-up notification contains the message of printer is in an error state will appear on your screen display. What’s frustrating is, the issue won’t resolve even after applying number of solution available. Read about six detailed solution guides below in order to tackle this particular problem by following step by step tutorials, starting from the easiest alternative solution. If the first method doesn’t work, move on the next solution and so on.

  1. Check printer’s connection and restart the printing machine
    The simplest method to resolve the issue once your printer is in an error state is to check whether the connection between your printer and device works correctly. Make sure if both devices are connected properly and showing no problem, whether you are using wired cable or using wireless network such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.Often times when this issue occurred, the printer error problem is able to be fixes easily by restarting the printer device. Put power of the device off by pressing on the power button or do the command from your computer. Leave them completely out of use for couple of minutes. Turn the printer back on and check if the error has gone and the message disappears.
  2. Make sure that the printing machine is online
    There is a possibility of the error message appears if your printing machine is offline. You can either turn it on manually by pressing power button on the machine or turn it on from your device. In case you opt for the latter option, then all you have to do is check and ensure that it has online status on your computer. Here’s how to do it:

    • Open the ‘Control Panel’ by searching it on the Windows Search Box.
    • On the toolbar menu, click ‘View by Large Icons’, the select ‘Device and Printers’ on the main menu.
    • To check whether the printer is online or offline, click on the printer icon. The status of printer will be shown as ‘Ready’ if the machine is online.
    • If the status is shown to be offline, right-click on the icon and click on ‘Use Printer Online’ menu.
    • After the online status has turned into ‘Ready’, see if the error notification is already gone.
  3. Reinstall your printer driver
    Incompatible printer driver may be one of the reasons or causes that your printer’s gone into the error state. Follow this guide below to update or reinstall the driver to solve the issue:

    • Open the ‘Control Panel’ by searching it on the Windows Search Box.
    • On the toolbar menu, click ‘View by Large Icons’, the select ‘Device and Printers’ on the main menu.
    • Right-click on the printer icon of your current device, then choose ‘Remove Device’.
    • Click ‘Yes’ when asked to confirm the removal of your printer device.
    • Restart your computer system.
    • After the system has been restarted, the printer will be automatically detected and installed back.
    • If it hasn’t installed yet, try to unplug the device and plug it back.
  4. Download the updated driver from your printer’s manufacturer official website
    Having an outdated printer driver could be the cause of this error problem. Below is the step by step tutorial on how to download the printer driver from its official website.

    • Check your printer model in order to search its drivers. The number or name is usually printed on the machine.
    • If you cannot locate it, open the ‘Control Panel’ by searching it on the Windows Search Box.
    • On the toolbar menu, click ‘View by Large Icons’, the select ‘Device and Printers’ on the main menu and see the listed name.
    • Open your browser and go to the official website of your printer manufacturer.
    • Choose ‘Support and Drivers’ menu or the likes. Type in your printer’s name or serial number on the search bar. Select the drivers, software, and firmware that you’d like to download.
    • Choose the operating version and its version that your computer device uses.
    • After that, click the ‘Download’ menu under the selected drivers.
    • Open the downloaded driver. Run the installation setup.
    • Restart the computer if needed.
  5. Update your Windows version
    • Click on the ‘Start’, then open the ‘Settings’ menu.
    • Select ‘Update and Security’.
    • Choose ‘Windows Update’ from the menu.
    • Click on ‘Check for Updates’.
    • Let the system check if there is any update, let the process completed.
    • Restart the system of your computer.
    • After your computer has rebooted, check if the message has disappeared and the printer is in an error state issue has resolved.
  6. Run troubleshooting for the printer
    The last solution to tackle printer is in an error state problem is to operate printer troubleshooter. If you’re using new Windows version, the troubleshooting tool is built-in within the computer. Here’s how to do it:

    • Click on the ‘Start’, then open the ‘Settings’ menu.
    • Select ‘Update and Security’.
    • Select your printer device then click ‘Troubleshoot’.
    • Allows the troubleshooter to detect the problem and fix it properly.
    • Restart the system of your computer.

When none of these solutions to fix message of printer is in an error state issue works, it is best to ask for an expert help. An expert technician will be able to resolve the issue in short time and make sure that the problem doesn’t appear again in the long run.

Reason of Why Does My Printer Say Offline and Some Possible Solutions

When you already have your own printer next the PC or laptop, you can easily print the files. When you want to print it, just access the menu or use the button CTRL and P. Normally, this will run the printing process, and you only need to wait for it. However, it can be annoying when actually you find that the printer is offline. Of course, “why does my printer say offline” will be your question, and you need the fastest solution to solve the problem. To solve it, there are some good points of information that you should know, so later you will not need to ask the question anymore.

Why Does My Printer Say Offline and the Solutions?

Well, when you are working and suddenly your printer is offline, it means the big problem may happen soon. If it says offline, there is probably a problem in your printer, and it means you cannot print your file. You need to solve it as soon as possible, so it can work properly again. In this case, there are some answers and solution for the question. Just check them one by one at below section.

  1. The connection issues
    Well, the connection issue is the problem that can occur when you ask ‘why does my printer say offline’. Your device is not connected to your PC. Even if it is connected, there are some problems that make it unable to access. For this case, you can check some points.

    First, you need to check some cables of your printer, and then make sure the printer is on. It must be in the condition of ready to print the files. When you are sure about it, you can check the connection to PC.

    If you still use USB cable, you need to make sure it is connected properly by checking the icon of USB on the taskbar. You may also check it in the control panel. It will appear there if it is connected. Then, you can get the solution of why does my printer say offline. The same way is also possible to do in case your printer is connected through wireless. It can be checked in the control panel.

    When you checked those points, but you still cannot print your files, try to restart the printer. Just push the power button. This is the fast and easy solution. Normally, this way works well. Then, you can get back to work and get ready to print your files.

  2. The printing problems
    In addition, when you ask ‘why does my printer say offline’, it is possible there are some errors in the printing process. When the printer cannot execute the job properly, it leaves some printing jobs on the process. This will make you unable to print files since the command will need to queue on the list.

    Actually, the solution for this question is quite easy. You only need to access the printing queue. After that, cancel all of the process. By doing it, all of print job queues will be removed, and you can try to print the file again. When your offline issue is caused by the queues of printing job, this solution is enough to solve the problem.

  3. The problems on driver
    Printer needs driver to run the device. This driver normally can work properly. However, there can be some problems or bugs on the software. This is one of the reasons that make your printer go offline. In this time, you need to solve the software issue.

    Moreover, the printer developers normally provide some updates. Frequent updates are given to printer since there can be some bugs. The updates may also provide the additional features. Actually, you are able to automatically update the file if this menu is available. However, you should do it manually when the menu does not exist.

    To solve the software issue related to the offline problem, you can visit the official website. Then, find the suitable printer model. After that, you only need to pick the latest software or driver. It is always recommended to get the file from official website, so you will not have other big problems of malware.

    This is enough to solve your problem. However, when updating the software still does not give the right answer and solution for your question of why does my printer say offline, you need to go to the next step.

  4. The installation problem
    The reasons of the printer offline can be about the installation problem. In this case, you may try to troubleshoot the software. There are also some features for repair and maintenance in the driver. When these all do not work, you should do the hard way.

You need to uninstall the driver, and try to reinstall it again. Of course, this can be big problem. It surely is the hard way since you will need some minutes to solve it. You need to repeat the whole process. However, you do not have other solution, so you need to be patient in reinstalling the printer.

Normally, this will reset all of the errors. As long as you use the default driver provided by the manufacturer, there will be no issue. When the installation process runs well, it should be enough to give the solution. If it still does not work well, the problems may exist on the installation driver. To get it fixed, download the latest official driver from the website.
Those are some answers and solutions when you find the printer offline. There are some ways to try, and each of them is already in the good order based on the level of its difficulty. However, when you still find these methods do not solve the offline problem, you should find the service center as it can be the technical problem. In this case, the solution of why does my printer say offline cannot be performed by yourself as you need the assistance from professional.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi with Easy Methods

You may want to utilize your Canon printer with Wi-Fi. To ensure it, the printer should be connected properly, and you have to know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi. The steps are not too difficult, even they are simple and easy. As long as you know the new models, the printer and Wi-Fi will be compatible.

How to Connect Canon Printer to Wi-Fi Properly

Before exploring more about this topic, you must understand the connection will be applied between the printer and Wi-Fi. In this case, the printer will go directly into the wireless adapter or router without intermediary. Your printer will be in the network, and the devices with access can send he printing request directly. Check the following list for the methods of how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi properly.

  1. Wireless feature and compatibility
    To know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi, you should check the printer specification and features. Canon has produced several printers with Wi-Fi technology. You can see them easily from Wi-Fi button with wireless icon. This button is usually in the control area, and you will find it easily. If this feature is available, the printer can be connected via Wi-Fi definitely.
  2. Connecting to Wi-Fi
    Turn on the printer, and wait until it is ready. Press the wireless button, and it will start flashing. The color should be blue or anything else, depending on the mode. Flashing mode means the printer still looks for Wi-Fi network. It will search and connect automatically as the default setting.You can go to setting section in the printer and look for LAN setting. Choose the network searching mode, and automatic one is preferable. After the printer is connected, you should input the password then keep the connection automatically. This is for the first time connection. The next time you connect, it will be ready automatically because the network and Wi-Fi already recognize your printing device.

    To ensure the connection is stable and safe, go to your router, and check if the printer is available. Canon uses WPS technology and protocol for this feature. If the printer cannot connect, your router must have restriction, or different protocol. In this case, you just change or use another router. This is important part on how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

  3. Adding printer on computer setting
    Canon printer is successfully connected, but the job is not done. You must know how to print via network. In this case, you should add the printer on your computer setting. Firstly, just install the driver. It is the software with purpose to ensure the computer and printer are recognizable each other. When buying new printer, customers receive DVD or CD that contains software, including driver. You can put into DVD drive and the setup will appear automatically.Follow all settings then choose the wireless mode as connection. This setting is for the first timer when the driver is not installed on computer. You can choose USB mode, and the wireless setting will be adjusted later. Wait until the installation is done. In this process, Wi-Fi button in the printer has to be in ON mode. Both devices will configure automatically. After the process is done, you can disable the Wi-Fi, and start the connection from beginning.

    If the driver is already installed, go to control panel and hardware setting. Find the printer and connect it automatically. As alternative, you can try this configuration from network setting. The computer and printer are in the same network. Therefore, you can connect both automatically. Wait until the computer recognizes the printer, and connection progress is done. As usual, you should make sure the Wi-Fi light in the printer stays flashing. When connecting is done, the light will have stable lit. That’s what you should know when connecting the computer and Canon printer. You can try this method in the other devices, such as laptop and smartphone. For Mac users, the menu and name of setting might be a little bit different, but the basic process is similar.

  4. Printing from computer via network
    The printer is already on the network via wireless. You should check if the connection is valid or not. Open the blank document and send the printing request. The network will send it into the printer. After the blank document is done, you can try again with several writings. The last checking is the photo if your Canon printer is specifically designed for this purpose.
  5. Troubleshooting
    The next step on how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi is troubleshooting. You already followed every step, but the connection is still failed. In this case, you must know how to solve the problem quickly and effectively. Firstly, check the router and its protocol. After that, make the Wi-Fi visible, so the printer can recognize it. Next, go to printer setting and choose the automatic mode when connecting to router. If this section is done, you will not have any issues for using the printer in the network.

On the other side, the problem often happens from the connection between computer and printer. You might buy the printer few years ago. The driver you have from Canon is for the old operating system. Your computer just receives the updates, and there is compatibility issue regarding the driver. In this case, just go to official website and find the latest version of driver. Choose the file that’s compatible with your computer. After that, download and install then follow the steps that have been explained in the above section.

It is better for installing with normal mode. You can connect the printer with USB cable and port. Wait until the installation is done. After that, configure it into wireless connection and network printing. This solution is for the beginner.
From the explanation above, to connect the printer to Wi-Fi is not a hard job. The latest mode is far easier since the technology and specs are already compatible with the router and network. Printing via network is reliable for office work. The companies do not need to buy many printers. One device is enough for medium job. Any device with the access into network can send the printing request then receive the printed-paper. Furthermore, the wireless feature on printer is useful to avoid long cable when you plug it via USB port. The printer can be in the corner, and you are in different room. This is why you must know how to connect Canon printer to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi with Two Easy Ways

There are two different methods that you can try on how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi. HP is one of the most prominent brands when it comes to printer, and now it has the most advanced technology for printers. Yes, you can print using Wi-Fi, so printing anything straight from your mobile phone or PC is possible. There is no need to attach the PC to printer anymore.

Two Methods on How to Connect HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Those two methods on how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi are automatic connection and manual connection. Here are two of them explained in details. Each of them works pretty well and they will make sure that you can print documents or anything that you want using the HP printer with ease. Here are those two methods for you to try.

  • Automatically Connecting to Wi-Fi

This is the first method to connect the printer to Wi-Fi. You do not need any USB printer cable on this method as it will all be done automatically. Follow these steps to establish the connection easily.

    1. Check the PC Compatibility
      Start by checking the PC or laptop’s compatibility. In order to connect the HP printer to the device, your computer should use at least Windows Vista OS (for Windows-based PC) or Leopard OS (for Mac). The computer should be connected to at least 2.4 GHz network connection and not to 5.0GHz network as this connection won’t be compatible with HP printers.
    2. Get the Printer’s Software
      You need to get the printer’s software to connect it to Wi-Fi. Find out the type of your printer, make sure it has Wi-Fi feature and then get the printer’ s software from the “Support” section on HP official website. Download the package and install it to your PC.
    3. Turn the Printer on
      The next thing to do in this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to turn the printer on. Once the printer is turned on, it will remember its current setting (for Wi-Fi) for about couple of hours. If you need to print for large batch and it takes more than two hours, stop halfway or so and repeat the connecting process.
    4. Go to “Network” Section
      Now, open the printer’s software installed on your PC. Find the option “Network” there. Click the option and select “(Ethernet/Wireless)”. The option is going to let you connect the printer to Wi-Fi. Then, click “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer”.
    5. Wait for the Connection to Finish
      You need to wait for several minutes for the connection to establish. It may take a while as the printer needs to locate the connection and then connect itself to the PC using Wi-Fi. When the connection is established, there will be “Finish” button appear on the screen. Click it to finish the setup.
    6. Start Using the Printer
      Now the printer is connected to Wi-Fi. The last step on this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to try printing something. When every step is done properly, the printer should be ready by now and you can start printing anything from now on.
  • Manually Connecting to Wi-Fi

If you like to do it all the old-fashioned way, you can try this method. You are going to need a USB printer cable to connect the printer to the PC. Read these steps carefully so that you can set up the printer and use Wi-Fi connection to print something with ease.

    1. Check the Printer’s Software and Driver
      The first thing that you need to do is checking the software and driver of the printer. Make sure that the printer’s software is installed on your PC. If they have not, get them on HP support page and then install them on the PC. Or, you can also use the installation CD from the original packaging.
    2. Turn on the Printer
      Turn on the printer by connecting it to power socket and then press the start button. When the printer is fully on, you need to figure out whether the printer has touch screen or not. Most of the HP printers with Wi-Fi feature are completed by touch screen. Activate the touch screen right now.
    3. Touch “Setup” on Touch Screen
      The next step on this how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi method is to go to the touch screen and then select “Setup” option on the touch screen. This option has the icon of a round gear. Find the option by pressing the left and right button on the touch screen.
    4. Go to “Network”
      Once you are in “Setting”, select the option “Network”. In there, you will find the option “Wireless Network Wizard”. This is the option you need to connect printer to Wi-Fi. This option has a few different names in HP printers. You may find the option under the name “Wireless Setup Wizard”. Touch this option.
    5. Select Connection
      There will be “Select Connection” option appears on the touch screen. Select this option to display all the detected Wi-Fi connection around the printer. Select the name of your Wi-Fi connection displayed on the screen. Then, you need to type in Wi-Fi password. Input the password correctly.
    6. Finish Connection
      After inputting the Wi-Fi connection password, the printer will display “Done” button. Select this option. The printer will now start establishing connection to the Wi-Fi. Wait for this process to completely done. After that, try to print something using Wi-Fi connection. If it works then the setup is done properly.

After reading those easy methods, now you do not even have to get confused anymore when you get a brand new HP printer with Wi-Fi connection feature. After setting up the printer, you can make sure that printing anything can be done straight from your gadget or PC without any requirement of attaching the device to HP printer. This is why understanding how to connect HP printer to Wi-Fi is important for everyone.

Some Methods of How to Find Printer IP Address in Your Computer

Now, USB cable is not the only access to get connected to your printer. Network printers are available as well, and it gives an easy access whenever you want to print. What you need to do is only to connect the printer to the network by using Wi-Fi then you can print the files easily. However, there can still be some problems occurred during the process of connecting printer. When there is a connection issue, you will need the printer IP address. It may not be easy to do, but there are some ways of how to find printer IP address. You do not need to worry since these ways can help you to solve the connection problem in your printer.

How to Find Printer IP Address by Using Some Methods

The Internet Protocol or IP address becomes important part in connected devices in the network. It is like sending a package to certain address. When you do not have specific address, it is going to be impossible to get the package delivered correctly. Even, it may be possible that the package is returned. The same analogy works on the use of printer IP address. You may not be able to print any files since you are not connected to the right IP address. That’s why you need to know how to find printer IP address.

You need the IP address of your printer since you have to send the commands of printing your files. The command will also contain the data of files to print and other details regarding the files. Unless you are connected, it will be big problem. This can also happen when you work in the office, and there is network printer for some users. Without proper connection through the right IP address, the printing files cannot be conducted. Related to this, there are some ways to find printer IP address

  1. Using onboard configuration
    What is meant by onboard configuration is the setting in the printer itself. Since it is a network printer, surely it has its own setting on the device. The configuration can be accessed through the screen and navigation button on the screen. To know how to find printer IP address, you need to access the setting of the printer.In this case, each printer can have different type of setting. Even, the term can be different. Some printer can call it “setting”, while other printer may use the word “menu” or other term. That is why what you need to do is to access the configuration. After that, you can go to certain menu that provides you access to information and setting for its network. After that, you can find certain submenu with the term “Network Status”, “TCP/IP”, “IP Address” and other kinds of similar term. In the section, you can get the IP address. It is the first solution to find printer IP address.
  2. Access the control panel
    The solution of how to find printer IP address is not only found in the printer. When your printer is connected to your computer, you can also find the information. What you need to do is to access the control panel of your device. In this case, you can easily access the control panel through some ways.First, you can access the control panel by accessing Windows Explorer. In this case, you access the windows explorer or use the shortcut of button Windows + E. Then, you can find the menu of Control Panel in there. Then, you may also use the button Windows + X, and there will be some option to find the control panel.When you are already in the Control Panel, you can go to the Hardware and Sound. There are some lists of menu, and you can click the “view devices and printers”. This will lead you to see some connected devices and printers. When you find the right type of printer, you can right-click the printer, and choose printer properties. In there, you are able to find some information, including the IP address of the printer. This can be the solution to find printer IP address.
  3. Access the windows setting
    This can only work if your PC uses the Windows 10. You can access the Windows Setting as the easy way of how to find printer IP address. Similar menu is also available in Windows 8 and 8.1, but it will take longer process to get the Windows Setting.In the Windows 10, you can access it by clicking the Start button. After that, you choose Settings, and continue it by choosing Device. On the right side of the screen, you will find some options, and you pick the Printers and Scanners.After doing that, you can find some printers connected to your PC. You only need to choose the right printer, and there will be some menus appearing under the name of printer. You choose Manage, and you will get the Printer Properties. In the new dialogue box, click the submenu of Port, and give check on the list with name of your printer, and click the Configure Port.
  4. Use the command prompt
    For the next solution, you can use your command prompt. You can get many kinds of information and other access by using the command prompt, including the info of printer connected to your device. You will know if the printer connected to your device properly by using this method.In this case, you can access command prompt by using some ways. First, you can press the Windows button on your keyboard and type “cmd”. It will automatically lead you to the box of command prompt. You may also use button Windows + X. There are some options appearing, and you can click the command prompt.To know printer IP address, you can type netstat –r. This code uses space, or you can just copy and paste the code to the command prompt. After that, you can see some devices connected to your computer, including the printer.
    Those are some solutions to find the IP address of your printer. Actually, it does not involve difficult or complicated steps. There are some ways to use, so you can choose the most comfortable way. By following the steps, you will know how to find printer IP address.

Tutorials on How to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi by Using WLAN and Drivers

Having the printer connected to your computer is one of setup process you have to do at the workplaces. The newest models of printer are able to directly connect to the Wi-Fi network so not only you can print from desktop device, but also from your Android or iOS mobile. Knowing how to properly do the setup will ensure that the printing machine is available for you to use whenever you need it. The guides below help you understand how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi connection, with all the required steps and configuration setups that needed for both your computer and the machine. The procedures are actually quite simple and easy to understand. Follow the steps provided below thoroughly and get the machine to do its best performance.

Detailed Guides on How to Connect the Printer to Wi-Fi Easily

There are two major parts on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi, connecting the printing machine to the network, and installing the printer driver. Read about both parts further below.

Part I: Connecting to Wi-Fi by Using WLAN

  1. Before setting up the printing machine, find out the network settings of the wireless router you’re using. Check the network name (or also knows as the SSID or ESSID) and the network key (or also known as the security key, password, or encryption key) of your current wireless network settings. This information will be useful later, so write it down.
  2. If you have no idea where to find the name and network key on the wireless router, check for the side or base of the access point or the router. If there is no information there, see the manual book of it.
    The next step on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi is to set up the printing machine on your wireless network. After locating and accessing the settings of your wireless network, set the Brother printing machine by following the steps provided below:

    • Turn on the Brother printing machine by connecting it to the power cord, and then proceed by connecting the power to electric socket.
    • On the printing machine’s control panel, press ‘Menu’.
    • Next, select the Network by using ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow key, then press ‘OK’.
    • Select the WLAN by using ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow key, then press ‘OK’. Keep a note that this particular step may vary between different Brother’s printer machines.
    • Select ‘Setup Wizard’ by pressing ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow key, then press ‘OK’.
    • To enable your wireless network, choose ‘Yes’ on question ‘WLAN Enable?’, then the wireless setup wizard will start shortly.
    • Next, the printing machine will search your network. A list of available network name will appear. Select your network names or SSID on the display list by using ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ arrow key, then press ‘OK’ when you find the SSID that you wrote down prior.
    • Choose one of the following options:
      1. Use authentication and encryption method. Here, you will need your network key or password. Type in your network key then press ‘OK’ to apply. Choose ‘Yes’ when asked whether you want to apply the settings.
      2. Use Open System authentication method. If the encryption mode appears ‘None’ then you can directly go ahead to the next step.
    • Let the machine connect you the selected wireless network. Check if either:
      1. It has connected successfully. In this case, the LCD will display ‘Connected’ status, then print report on wireless connection.
      2. It has failed the connection. The machine will report on the failure status. Look for the error code written on the report that has printed.
  3. Download Brother printing machine’s software, and then install it. The last step on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi is to install the driver. To download the driver for both Windows OS and MAC OS users, go to the official Brother’s printer website, select the ‘Download’ section, and choose package of ‘Full Driver and Software’. From there, follow the installation instruction that provided inside the official website page.

Part II: Installing Printer Drivers to Connect Printer to Wi-Fi

There are two ways you can get the Brother’s printer driver. The first is by downloading it from the official website as the part one on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi stated above. Jump right into the step 5 of the guide below if you’re using this first method. Second, is by using the CD given when you bought the machine. Follow right from the first step if you’re using this second option.

  1. Access the system on your desktop and stop all the currently running programs in the system background, to make the installation process go faster and smoother.
  2. Disable your antivirus program first while the setup is running. After the installation setup has completed, you can enable it back.
  3. Get the CD driver and the manual book of the Brother’s printing machine prepared.
  4. Insert the CD into your system.
  5. Open the setup application to start the process. The setup will ask you to select the connectable network for your Brother’s Printer machine, and then ask you to choose preferred language to use.
  6. The installation process will appear on your screen with various options. It is recommended to choose Pro-suite version, as you can get access to the full Drive and Software Package. The package includes options of both wireless and wired network options.
  7. Click ‘Next’ after you have chosen the suite option.
  8. Choose your selected wireless network.
  9. If there’s antivirus windows appearing, you can choose either of two options:
    • Alter the antivirus port and continue to install the printer setup process.
    • Continue without having to alter the antivirus port.
  10. Follow the instructions on-screen, or read the instructions from manual book guide.
  11. Click ‘Next’ until the setup process has completed.
  12. The printer will be completed successfully after you have completed the setup.

The tutorials on how to connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi will let you connect it smoothly and conveniently. If the steps fail you, then check what could trigger the issue, such as outdated printer driver or the change of Wi-Fi security key.

How to Get Printer Online and 9 Important Methods to Know

In any working situation, printer is at center point. You cannot create a copy of document or (in more sophisticated model) scanning important documents. However, a printer cannot work when it is not in online state. Thus, knowing about how to get printer online is very pivotal if someone wants to work easily with this particular technology. This passage will provide the methods to activate printer, so it is in ready-to-go state. Some issues which may arise in printer usage will be introduced as well.

How to Get Printer Online in Any Condition

What to do if both computer and printer are powered on but the connectivity is said to be offline? Here are some methods to make a printing machine online, including when it experiences error.

    1. Simple printer activation
      The first thing that one can do to activate the printer is by going to the “Devices and Printers” menu (for Windows users) and “Print & Fax” menu (for Mac users). From either menu, user will be able to activate the printer and computer connection which might be offline for certain reasons. This particular method is used if there is no apparent issue with the printer or connectivity. Just by one simple click, printer and computer’s connection will be resumed.
    2. Making sure the printer is installed
      Another thing that one must check is whether the printer’s driver has been installed and whether the installation has been done properly. Without a printer driver, computer will not be able to transmit command the printer which runs on different programming language. Thus, checking whether the software has been installed is important. It can be done by applying the previous method to see whether the printer model you are about to use is listed.
    3. Checking the Ethernet cable
      Another method on how to get printer online is by checking to physical connectivity with the Ethernet cable. If the cable is not securely attached on both sides, the printer will not be able to connect properly with computer. Thus, user needs to fasten the cable on both sides. If the printer remains offline after that, it is important to check whether the cable is broken by trading with another functioning cable. Such error often occurs in printer usage.
    4. Connecting printer to Wi-Fi network
      This particular method works for issue in connectivity with printer through Wi-Fi network. One reason for the error is because computer and printer are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In this case, user needs to check Wi-Fi connection on both devices to ensure that they are included in the same network. If not, network modification must be made. Once the modification has been done, user can try to print documents again.
    5. Removing pending printing tasks
      Sometimes there are too many printing queues that the machine must handle which causes it to go offline. It can happen because of previous failed printing attempts that accumulate in the system. How to get printer online in this condition? The task can be done by simply going to the printing menu to see whether there are pending documents that need to be done. If you see the list of pending tasks, click on a menu named “Cancel all documents”. It will take time but the tasks would be removed one by one. After that, you can restart the printing machine and see whether it can work now.
    6. Taking off and reattaching printing cable
      This method is quite simple but has quite significant success rate. The idea is restarting the connection of printer and computer by tampering with the printer. It can be done by taking off and reattaching the printing cable from computer. Another simple method can be done by abruptly turning off the printer. User needs to turn off the printer’s power button until it is completely turned off. It is recommended to let printer on powered off state for several minutes to an hour before reconnecting it to the computer. At times, this simple method can solve this issue.
    7. Removing and reinstalling the printing software
      How to get printer online if the issue is caused by the inappropriate installation of printing software? It is highly recommended that user removes the printing software completely from computer system by uninstalling it. After the software has been removed completely, user can install the software back into the computer. User can utilize driver that comes with the printer for this task. However, each manufacturer also provides list of drivers for models that it produces. These drivers can be obtained for free.There is one thing that user must remember once the installation has been done. It is important to activate the automatic updating system for printing software. It ensures that bugs and other issues will be solved. The offline printer might be caused by printing software which is not updated in accordance to computer system update.
    8. Rebooting the computer
      One method on how to get printer online is by rebooting the computer. This is a rather simple way which may not work all the time but worth trying. By rebooting the computer system, user is returning the computer to its default setting. Offline connectivity between computer and printing machine might be caused by customized setup done by user to the computer. Thus, it should be the first few methods that one tries when dealing with this situation.
    9. Checking the printer
      Last but not least, user must make an effort to check the printer’s internal parts if any of those methods does not work. There might be issues with the parts such as paper jam or broken cartridge. In this case, the problem becomes rather difficult to solve on your own. Professional reparation job must be done to let the printer get back to its optimum condition.In some cases, the damage is irreparable that it would be more economical to just purchase new printer.Hopefully, this passage provides enough knowledge on how to get printer online. Most of these methods can be done alone with little to no damage at all to both of your devices.

Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price and Interesting Features

Graphic processing unit (GPU) plays a major role in any device. It speeds up image processing which
later will show at the device’s display. There are many models circulating within the industry these days.
All of them carry certain specs. This passage will walk you through an MX150 model. Interesting aspects
and value for Nvidia GeForce MX150 price are going to be explained in the following part.
Nvidia GeForce MX150 Price, Features, and Comparisons

1. Specifications
This GPU was first introduced to public in the second quarter of 2017. It is built upon Pascal architecture
which is known to deliver more significant performance. The frequency range is relatively high which is
from 1469MHz to 1532MHz. It utilizes CUDA 384 as the core. This model is known to be the improved
alternative of MX950 model. It works in 64-bit memory bus interface.
The memory equipped in the model is GDDR5 which has maximum capacity of 2GB. The frequency of
memory for this GPU is measured at 1502MHz, while its bandwidth speed is 48.1GB per second. It
supports various technologies such as CUDA 6.1, HDMI 2.0, and DirectX 12_1. Based on specs and
Nvidia GeForce MX150 price it is a medium tier GPU model.

2. Power efficiency
The model consumes 25W energy for its standard operation. Although it is considered quite ordinary,
especially if compared to higher class GPU models out there. Nonetheless, its power efficiency is still
better seeing the predecessor model runs on 40W power consumption. The MX150 does not drain
energy as fast.

3. Variants
There are two variants offered to consumers, the first one is named N17S-G1-A1 which is the standard
version. The second variant is coded as N17S-LG-A1. This variant is intended to be more energy efficient
than the standard one. It has lower frequency range and can save about 32% to 60% energy. The
drawback is that it works slower than standard version. Nvidia created the second variant in smaller form
for thin laptops.

4. Product Examples
Since Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is at mid-tier level, it is expected that the GPU will be found in similar
product range. It can be found in Aspire A5 and Aspire 5 from Acer. There are other laptop products
which utilize this chip as graphic processor too. As you may notice, the laptop where this GPU is found
tends to be a laptop meant for standard usage. It works perfectly well in tasks which only require medium
level graphics. Most students and regular office worker will find the graphic performance to be sufficient.

5. Performance in gaming
How about its performance when it comes to gaming? There were several tests conducted to examine
MX150 contribution in game's graphics. The results are as expected. Mostly, this GPU can only deliver
medium level graphics. It is for less demanding game. For more graphic heavy games, this GPU falls
short against later released chips. It is only able to deliver lower graphic quality in those games. Such
pixelated display is definitely taking away the gaming experience.
Certainly, this GPU has its plus and minus points. It is small enough and designed to fit even a thin
notebook. Compared to its preceding model, the energy efficiency is a lot better. It is capable of
performing standard graphic tasks, although the GPU falls short when it comes to gaming usage.

It might be fairer to compare this GPU chip with other chips which are equipped with similar level of
specs. The performance difference is not glaring. However, the Nvidia GeForce MX150 price is noticeably
lower than its competitor. It might be an economical choice to use this graphic processor in laptop
intended for standard usage.

NVidia GeForce 940M Price and Performance

NVidia produces graphic card for several devices, such as computer, workstation, and laptop. You may recognize GeForce as one of the top series in NVidia lineup. This series consists of several products that have dominated in laptop and gaming industry. One of them is NVidia GeForce 940M for mid-level gaming laptop. NVidia GeForce 940M price is relatively affordable compared to the previous ones.

Exploring NVidia GeForce 940M Price

Discussing NVidia GeForce 940M price should consider few factors. As you can see, this product has M label, which means the GPU is for mobile computing. You only find NVidia GeForce M series on several laptops. The laptop principals use this GPU due to high durability, better performance, and less cost.

The price has significant factor when buying new laptop. This device changes the way people do computing. The laptop replaces personal computer or usually called desktop computer. You can bring it anywhere, and the device is still reliable for several tasks. To boost the capability, NVidia developed GPU that could fit the laptop architecture. The basis technology was from standalone model that’s sold for personal computer. NVidia only reduces the design and size then adjust the capability. The result is M series for laptop.

Most people use laptop for several purposes and tasks. NVidia must find market that requires excellent graphic card. In general, onboard GPU is already available as a part of processor. On the other hand, NVidia provide GPU that’s not part of processor itself. The market for such product is niche, but potential to expand. For that situation, NVidia enters gaming and high-performance laptop.

1. Price

NVidia GeForce 940M price is approximately between $600 and $700. For your information, the first release was in 2015 for mid-level laptop for gaming. The price is fluctuated, depending on the demand and needs. You realize that this GPU is a part of laptop. You may not find standalone model for this one on the market, except the product is for personal computer. The price for this GPU is calculated after checking the latest laptop price. The number might be higher or lower that’s very difficult for determining the exact price. 

2. Performance

For performance, this GPU is better than previous model in term of capability and graphical processing. Based on a reliable testing, NVidia GeForce 940M will deliver four times faster. It makes the laptop work better and more reliable. You need at least 3GB for memory if using this GPU. 

3. Gaming

NVidia develops this product specifically for mid-level gaming. You can play several games and adjust the graphic setting as high as possible. The display will handle up to 1080p resolution for gaming. If you set less than that number, the laptop can work faster, but the graphic is not quite good. On contrary, some games require higher graphic level than 1080p. In that case, you should adjust to in the recommended level. Most games will be compatible with this GPU. Therefore, you have many options for playing any game. 

4. Durability

Even though this GPU is old, you still see excellent performance. NVidia makes sure NVidia GeForce 940M can last longer. If you use the laptop for minor task and gaming, there is no need for new one. Moreover, laptop with this GPU is also more reliable for heavy tasks, such as graphic design. However, you should keep the tasks and projects as low as possible because GeForce 940M is not for rendering the complex file.

From the explanation above, you see why many people still have interest in buying NVidia GeForce 940M. This is not the entry level GPU, but mid–level that’s ready to be at the top list. Until now, you will not see much issue when playing popular games on the laptop. Moreover, NVidia GeForce 940M price becomes more affordable as the time goes by.