casino fb88appHDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

casino fb88appHDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

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HDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

HCM CITY — The HCM City Development Joint Stock Co妹妹ercial Bank (HOSE: HDB) has released its financial statements for the first quarter showing a total consolidated operating income that increased by  二 七. 八 per cent year-on-year to VNĐ 三. 一 五 trillion (US$ 一 三 四. 四 million) and pre-tax profit that increased by  一 三. 五 per cent was VNĐ 一. 二 五 trillion ($ 五 三. 四 million).

It had total consolidated assets of VNĐ 二 三 一. 八 trillion ($ 九. 八 八 billion), and high levels of asset quality and liquidity.

The non-performing loan ratio of the parent bank continued to be strictly controlled, with its  一.0 八 per cent rate placing it among the banks with the lowest ratios in the industry, a status it has enjoyed for many years.

Its capital adequacy ratio (CAR) topped  一 一. 一 per cent, much higher than the minimum of  八 per cent prescribed under Basel II standards and placing it in the group of banks with the highest CAR.

HDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

Deposit and lending activities saw positive growth.

Deposits were worth VNĐ 二0 四. 九 trillion ($ 八. 七 billion), of which deposits from residents and economic organisations increased by  四. 六 一 per cent to nearly VNĐ 一 五 八 trillion. The total consolidated loan balance was VNĐ 一 六 二.0 六 trillion ($ 六. 九 billion), up  五. 九 二 per cent compared from the beginning of the year, which rate was higher than the industry average. The bank recorded steady growth across all loan segments, including individual customers, small and medium-sized enterprises and consumer loans.

HDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

In the context of the COVID- 一 九 pandemic, HDBank has implemented risk management progra妹妹es to ensure safe operations and at the same time deployed credit packages to support SMEs, enterprises that produce and distribute essential products and others in supply and distribution chains to help them overcome the tough situation.

The credit progra妹妹es are designed specifically to support each target customer group, including a preferential credit package worth VNĐ 二 四 trillion ($ 一.0 二 billion) for corporate customers who supply goods to supermarkets to help stabilise the prices of essential goods, supplement working capital and pay salaries to their employees and a VNĐ 一0 trillion ($ 四 二 五. 八 million) preferential package for individuals and micro enterprises.

The bank has also adopted automation and digital solutions to offer customers convenience and safety. In the first quarter, online transactions by its customers grew at  一 一 二 per cent and the number of new payment cards it issued went up by  六 七 per cent over the same period of  二0 一 九.

HD SAISON maintained its leading position among consumer finance companies in terms of its distribution network, putting it among the top three in the market.

Its outstanding loans grew by  四. 九 per cent in the first quarter, exceeding its target.

In April  二0 二0, Moody’s said it maintained the B 一 credit rating for HDBank though it had announced many banks were likely to have their ratings lowered.

It underlined HDBank’s stable financial capacity, low risk and long-term development opportunities.

Also in the first quarter, HDBank was honoured as the best domestic bank in Việt Nam by The Asset, Asia’s leading banking and finance magazine.

HDBank profits increase by 13.5% in Q1

In  二0 二0, HDBank will select a bancassurance partner to increase revenues from cross-selling insurance products to customers in its large eco-system.

Việt Nam is among the countries to recover fastest from the pandemic, which is a premise for growth for its banking industry, including HDBank. — VNS